1. Hi Freddy, i am in love with your channel and i heard that you said you started blgging. So i need to check it out. Love this site desigh and your signature pink color. I am from asia and i also do blogging.
    Love you so much .


    1. Hiya huns,
      I am going to school and my coats arent doing it for me anymore. They are just leaving me quite cold.So does anyone have suggestions on a great causual puffer/bomber coat?
      Thank you x

    2. Love, i think a lilac pastel coat would be perfect in the winter probably the one from Asos
      Just type ASOS DESIGN hybrid faux fur panelled puffer jacket in lilac
      And i am sure you'll find it love.
      Since we are in Spring perhaps the coat i suggested because its perfect for the two seasons.
      Alright now bye!

    3. Hello Freddy, I love watching ur videos, because they r so relatable. I am a girly girl as well and i'm rlly into fashion and pink things!

  2. Hi Freddy, I'm wondering where you got your vanity lights that are in the background of your videos?? I love your setup and your videos. So happy to see you succeed in your dreams (:

  3. πŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ‘ΈπŸΌ my faves u tuber

  4. Hi I just want to say I love your channel and your blog!!

  5. Love u so much freddy, ur so talented and pretty every monday I look forward to ur videos,I was on of ur first subsciber and having seen ur channel grow so much i'm so proud of u!!! and now to think ur only a few subscribers away from a quarter of a million!! My friends and I all talk about you and we sometimes even quote u. Ur so funny and genuine and I'd love to meet u in person XX lots of Love Miya xx

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  7. Aww Freddy just watched your New York Haul and had to visit your blog!! Love it so so much! I would love to see some outfit of the days here... as I love your style so much!
    Keep up with your great videos on Youtube 😘😘 xoxo

  8. hey! Freddy my name is Emily i'm so in love with your youtube channel and your blog i was just wondering if u have any tips on people starting out with makeup cause i'm 11 and i was wondering if what type of makeup i should wear !!!!

    1. I recommend using a concealer to cover up dark circles and/or blemishes, a loose powder to stop your face looking oily, a BB cream or tinted moisturiser to smooth out your complexion, a light mascara to uplift and curl your lashes and a tinted lip balm or lip gloss. Oh, and definitely don't forget primer! Hope this helps, my angels.

      Coco Louise xxx

  9. Freddy you're perfect girl! xx

  10. how did you start this blog and what programing did you use to create this website?

  11. I just wanted to say I love your blog and I'd love if anyone who reads this could check out my blog, I've only just started and could do with some more readers :) thanks! xo

    Hey if you have time to check out my blog I just created it xoxo thank you and let me know what you think!!!

  13. Hi Freddy. I'm from Italy and I started to follow you a few days ago. I just wanted to ask you where you buy your dresses and your coats, I love them! Could I buy them online?

  14. Hello! How do you get in touch with companies for sponsorships?

  15. Hi Freddy!I have just decided to start blogging. I love make up and skin care but at 40 I'm slightly older than most so feeling a bit nervous!Have just read your blogs after having seen your You Tube videos and I love them. If anyone would like to look up I'd really appreciate any feedback xxxx

  16. You're beautiful, have great sense of style, and are an inspiration to all.... not just for style but for love, happiness and kindness! Keep doing what you do!

  17. Hi Freddy, I am so inspired by your youtube channel. Can you please do a videos on dupes for the charlotte tilbury lipsticks such as Miranda May. Thank you, love from Canada!

  18. Can you please make a bikini/swimsuit collection vid? xx me :)

  19. Freddy i love your channel and videos i know how much you have to work to make the videos so best of luck for your every upcoming videos i know you will get more and more subscribers and viewers. Keep smiling and making videos for us

  20. Freddy i love your channel and your videos also your sister is very cute and lovely
    You are my role model you have such a warm personality. I love listening too your voice. i never ware makeups but i love your makeup tutorials i like watching the haul videos very much
    so please keep making videos and like
    and i always share your videos
    i appreciate your efforts and work thank you for making such many entertaining videos

  21. Freddy please do a Jewellery haul on YouTube please

  22. I love your blog!! Mby you could make a youtube video about bloging. I want to start a blog so I realy need some tips. :)

  23. I love your Blog and your youtube channel. Also anyone who loves blogging please come and check out my Blog
    im also having a giveaway and more.

  24. Hi Freddy!
    I love to watch your tutorials and your halls on youtube.
    Maybe you can do a get ready with me our a hall for Christmas eve and New Years eve? I would love too.
    Keep up being you :)

  25. Hi Freddy,
    I absolutely love your blog! I think that you have created something truely unique!
    I've recently been really interested in making a blog to, with similar things to you!
    I was just wondering how did you create this blog and what program do you use?

    Thanks so much for making such a awesome blog and channel :)

    Molly x

  26. Hi Freddy,
    I recently discovered your YouTube channel and live all you and Coco's video's (I subscribe to both of you talented young women) Your life story is heart touching and insperational, it's amazing to see that someone as beautiful and talented has ups and downs too. It's reasuring.

    You're so beautiful and talented, I wish to one day be like you and Coco. I find I have so much in common with you two, I do gymnastics like Coco and model like you. I dream of one day being a lawyer in London. I wish you and Coco the best.


  27. Hey Freddy,
    at first I want to say, that I really like your YouTube channel and videos I am from Germany and dream about living in London since I am a Little girl. I wanted to aks, if you could answer me some questions. I know, you never spoke about politics or anything, it probably doesn´t fit to your image, but I am sure, that you have an opinion. In my skilled work for school I am talking about the thoughts of young People on Brexit and it would mean a lot to me, if you, as my idol, could answer some of my questions. I am just going to send them to you over this comment in hope, that you see it and maybe answer them: (only your first name):
    3.region you come from:
    4.Are you in favour or against Brexit?
    5.What is your opinion on David Cameron?
    6.What do you think are the reasons, that so many Britains decided to leave the EU?
    7.Do you think, you got well informed about Brexit and its consequences?
    8.Do you believe, that the media influenced the referendum? If yes, do you have examples?
    9.Why did so many young Britains not voted?
    10.What do you think, who´s fault is it, that Brexit happenend?
    11.Do you think, there should be a second referendum?
    12.The basic idea of the EU was to abolish nationalism. Many say that this thought has failed in Englang because the EU has made too many compromises. What do you think about that?
    13.Do you think, that racism increased after the referendum?
    14.Did you ever got involved in racism or did you ever saw racism?
    15.What do you think of Theresa May?
    16.Are you scared of the future of Britain or your future?
    17.What has changend in your life after the referendum?
    18.Any other note or comment on the topic?

    If you don´t want to answer them public, you could also sent them to my email:

    If anyone else reads this, Comes from Great Britain and wants to help me with me skilled work, feel free to send me your answers, I am happy about everyone, who answers them.


  28. Hi Freddy,
    first of all I think u are absolutely amazing. I really love all your videos and really admire you. I have watched all ur vids and have liked them all carry on posting
    Hattie x

  29. Hi Freddy,
    Ever since I had saw your Youtube channel I thought you were absolutely gorgeous!
    Your style is so very Elegant and classy. You inspire me and I admire you a lot.
    Keep up the great work and if you can please have a look at my Blog.
    Thank you
    My Blog:

  30. Hi Freddy i love your style taste it is so beautiful

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  32. I love your youtube videos and your vibe that you have! It's absolutely, unbelievable gorgeous! I wonder can you do a favourite playlist video showing us all your favourite music? And can you also do a draw my life video? You are so perfect and I absolutely adore you! Hope you have a great day after reading this comment and keep doing what makes you happy!!

  33. Hi, Freddy! I just started watching you and instantly subscribed. You're so inspirational and beautiful! I watched you Marvin Gaye cover video from 2015 and instantly fell in love. You have a beautiful voice!
    -an 11 year old from Seattle, WA (USA)

  34. Hi Freddy! I love your blog and YouTube channel! You've inspired me to make "be more put together" one of my 2018 resolutions :). Would you consider doing a Guide to London post and/or video? I will be visiting London for a friend's wedding later this year and would love to know what restaurants, hotels and attractions you'd recommend!

  35. Is her name Coco Cousin like the Cash twins on Squared?

  36. They are called The Cash Twins in Raleigh! Not Casually, Twins... or something like that! I was just them on my alone-own!

  37. Check out my blog!!! You peoples would love it!:

  38. Hi Freddy! Ive been watching your channel for quite a while now and i feel in love with it since i watched the first video! My friend recommended i look at your channel and im so glad she did! I was scrolling through my pintrest and on my wishlist board was most handbags you own! One reason i love your channel is becuase we both have an obsession for fashion, ( especially the expensive type!) I have never come across anyone with style intrests like myn. But your wadrobe is (no joke) the same as myn! I would really love to start a fashion channel and i was wondering if you have any beginners tips? Thankyou for inspiring me! Stay Chic and Stay Fabulous Freddy! Kisses Fran X p.s i love CoCo's Channel too!

  39. Hi freddy! ive been watching your channel for a week and i have been loving it and only just found out about your blog! I was just wondering how did u start your blog?

  40. Hi, couldn't help but think your voice sounds so much like Emma Watson. you're really lovely

  41. You seem very cool & always so chic & cute. So Fabulous & we should talk more often, I will suscribe to you with my gmail & we should talk.

    Love, Kimmy.

  42. hey, would you feature these cards on this year's guide,
    I can send you some free samples

  43. hey, would you feature these cards on this year's gift guide,
    I can send you some free samples

  44. How did you create your blog? what website did you use?

  45. Hay Freddy I am in love with your room tour and I wish I was like your bestie I am 10 years old and my dream is to have your number but I know you won't give it out to strangers I wnderstand I hope you read this and I love your sister coco too she is also just as a same like you. Love you guys. πŸŒˆπŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ’πŸŒΈπŸ’žπŸ₯€ Love from kaytlin

  46. Hi Freddy, My Name Is Kimmy. I simply Adore your Fashionable Girly Since. With your pictures & Modeling on how you put together all of your outfits & Make Up Tutorials & I have to Say.... Love The Pink. I Wish My Bedroom was like yours. I admire You, Like a sister. Wish you could come here to VA & Help me with my Fashion. Loves Truly, Kimmy Townsend... Kisses <3

  47. Hi Freddy:). I have a huge favor to ask you and I know that you will probably not see this but I figured I would give it a try. My name is Lili and I am 13. My little sister Ani is 11. We live in America. Ani has been obsessed with your channel for so long now and would die to get one of your clothing items for Christmas. I have looked everywhere to find your clothes but everything is either sold out or really expensive. I want to make my little sister's dream come true and I would love to be able to do it for Christmas since her birthday is so far away. She walks around whenever we are in clothing stores and asks me: "Would Freddy wear that?" She is such a sweet person and deserved the world. Could you please help me make this the best Christmas she has ever had?:). Have a wonderful day!

  48. Hi Freddy, I am such a big fan of you and I watch your channel all the time, I think you are such an inspiration all through out the fashion industry, I am thinking of starting my own fashion blog and I was wondering if you could pass on any tips or tricks to help, I would really appreciate if you get the chance, Have a fabulous day!:)

  49. Hiya Freddy, I was just wondering if you could do a video on your experience with starting a blog; you are so inspirational and would be great to recieve advice from you. Maybe a possible quarantine vid or post aha :) Love you lots x

  50. Hi Freddy, I loved ur bag hauls they are so fun. I like your style and you have influenced me to change a little bit too. Your sister Coco is very sweet too.
    I've recently started a blog so it would make my whole year if you checked it out.

    Thank You

  51. hi Freddy just wondering your top fave furniture shop were you can find ballet -esc or Parisian vibe decor x

  52. Hi Freddy,
    My name is Isabella and I would love to work with u I love fashion and I do not want money I just want to model with u to help my family to prove to them I am not just a little girl I am 13 and I look up to u please respond
    Love, Isabella
    Ps call me and leave a voice mail please 540 430 4876

  53. Hi Freddy,

    I came across the MAGICAL MIRROR by Circu Magical Furniture and immediately thought of you. It would be perfect for your bedroom.


  54. Saw this coat and thought of you

  55. Hi Freddy I just wanted to say you my favorite you-tuber and you also make my day and you spreed a lot of positive energy on your account wich I love have a god day to everyone who see this

  56. Hey Freddy, I've been watching your channel for two years now and I'm in love with your style! the true definition of chic and pink. I was wondering if you could create a video for hats? like old hollywood style? that would be really cool.

  57. Dear Freddy!
    Thank you for your video's! I absolutely love your style and attention to detail.
    From the beautiful background to the lightning to your appearance, it's just calming to see your videos, it takes me to a far away dreamland!
    the reason I sent you this email,
    I am dreaming about you doing a wedding/bridal video,
    What style of wedding dress would you choose?
    What veil/headpiece would you wear?
    What would you like to see coco wearing?
    What type of dress/gown would you wear to coco's wedding?
    How would you style your hair?
    Where would the wedding be?
    What music would you be playing?

    I'd be thrilled if you'd do a video about this festive topic!

    Thank you for everything you do!

  58. Dear Freddy, can you do a video of your Nintendogs game please?

  59. Dear Freddy, what did you name your Dogs on Nintendogs? & what breeds are they?

  60. Dear Freddy, do you still have your Nintendo ds?

  61. I love your videos


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