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Hello my loves, and welcome to April's Style Diary! I'm sorry it's late- May has crept up on me so quickly, but I am just loving how IN to Spring we are and how close we are to Summer! This months chosen outfit has got to be my favourite yet- although I'm pretty sure I say that every time... 

So the weather has been preeeeettyyyyy beaut this month. The sun has finally showed it's gorgeous face, and although there has still been a chill in the air from time to time and we've certainly had our fair share of good old British April showers, it finally feels like we are well and truly leaving Winter behind. I love this time of year. There is such a happiness and excitement in the newly warmer air as the vitamin d soaks into your skin, the days get longer, and you no longer have to worry about piling on the layers so you're not left shivering in the unforgiving cold. This is when it really feels like a new year for me- I'm not one of those who feels motivated by the appearance of January- unless you count feeling motivated to stay in my pyjamas with a hot chocolate watching netflix all day! This is when I really feel inspired to start working harder, eating healthier, being more sociable, ticking all the to-do's off my list, and most of all making the most of each beautiful day. And I just have to mention how bloody stunning London is in the sun. I feel like I complain about it so much and really take this city for granted, and this month has had me stepping back in admiration for this beautiful, special place I get to call home!

As you've probably gathered there's a bit of a Burberry theme going on here. I received this gorgeous scarf from my gorgeous boyfriend this past Christmas. I love it SO much, and it really has become a total staple in my wardrobe that I'm going to be SOOO sad to let go of in Summer- maybe I need to substitute it with one of the lightweight silk summer scarfs?! ;) It is the classic, iconic cashmere Burberry scarf which I've always loved and admired. There is something so timeless about Burberry's classic British heritage style, and the designs, patterns and fabrics are so iconic and universally recognisable as time honoured, elegant, quintessential British fashion. This scarf is the perfect accessory to any outfit, taking it from a two, to a ten out of ten. I've always loved and lusted after these scarves, so naturally I was sooo so happy to receive one for Christmas. But on top of that my sweetheart of a boyfriend got the scarf monogrammed for me with my initials, in none other than my favourite colour, baby pink. Keeping in mind there are nearly forty colours to choose from, a few of them being different shades of pink! And how perfectly does the baby pink blend with the camel brown? He is a boy with taste. 

Moving onto the coat, I also have my boyfriend's good taste to thank, as this is actually his! Whilst a Burberry trench coat is still very much on my wish list, (and once I reach some personal career and financial goals I really hope to be able to treat myself!), it is sadly not in my possession, so he's been kind enough to lend me his. The coat is truly to die for. The honey colour is just perfection and just look at the lining- the way it matches the scarf gives me more fashion satisfaction than I can put into words and yes, I'm aware of how sad that may be! I love how oversized the coat is on me and how I've rolled up the sleeves- I think it actually LOOKS like I'm wearing my boyfriend's coat, which almost adds to my girly, feminine style whilst also breaking it up and making the whole look more relaxed and casual and not over structured or smart. 

I'm dying that we've got this far and haven't even spoken about the dress yet. THE DRESS. I know I say it every time but it really IS one of my favourite things I've ever owned. It is the Palermo dress from Unique 21, a brand I'm only newly familiar with, but this dress fulfils ALL my hopes, dreams, goals and wishes! I'm not over the top at all :) Ok, so you know I feel about blouses, and you know very well how I feel about pleats. Not to mention tight waists with skater skirts and floaty fabrics and generally just the colour white. I swear this dress was made for me- another comment I seem to throw around a lot, you'll get used to it! I just adore the style of this dress, so smart and classy but ultra feminine and also really relaxed too. It's a really unique take on the typical shirt dress, with the gorgeous shirt-esque top half but missing the usual collar, which takes away any masculinity or severity a shirt dress might give. And let's just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous these pleats are! They are so thin and defined and float so beautifully giving the dress the ultimate feminine and relaxed Spring/Summer feel. It's almost like a schoolgirl tennis dress, which is a look I completely die for! When I was younger I used to wear the American Apparel white tennis skirt to absolute death- until it literally fell apart! I have pretty much been just as addicted to this dress. Cute? Check. Classy? Check. I'm beyond in love and it's earned a staple spot in my wardrobe.

I've kept the look really minimal and classic by accessorising only with black. My bag of choice has been my Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Tote bag, which is an old favourite that has been pulled out of hiding for the first time in about a year this month. It's sleek and sophisticated, and I can reply on it to really add to an outfit. I love the shape and the design, it's a classic and incredibly hard wearing as well. 

My shoes are these adorable Chelsea boots from Deichmann. Now many of you may turn your nose up at this brand, as I often do with cheaper shoe brands, but I've been SO amazed by the quality of these boots. I bought these a few years ago, after searching and searching and searching for the perfect pair of boots. You know how fussy I am, and after weighing up style, design and comfort, I found these to be my favourite boots on the high street, but was apprehensive about the £25 price tag for a pair of shoes I planned to wear as every day boots. But they have hardly so much as scuffed. I am in actual awe of how well these boots have maintained themselves. I used to wear these on casting days as a model, which involves a LOT of fast walking around London, and the soles are in perfect condition and the leather (faux) isn't even scratched. Not to mention they  are SO incredibly comfortable when you take the heel height in consideration, and so up there in terms of style. They are really one of the best pairs of shoes I've ever bought, and at a minuscule cost compared to others. 

Finally, I have of course accessorised with my beloved Tiffany & Co sunglasses that I bought in New York last year. They were pretty expensive but so worth it, as I totally adore them and have worn them so much already despite buying them in Winter time! They are the most elegant, stylish black cat eye frames, with the classic Tiffany blue on the inside and dainty little crystal bows on the edges. They are just SO Audrey, classic and beautiful. I bought them from the famous Fifth Avenue 'Breakfast at Tiffany' store and the whole experience was just magical. It's by far the most stunning store I've ever seen, and as I walked out with my little blue bag into the Manhattan sun, all I could hear in my head was the strings of Moon River... I'm getting carried away but I'm so enchanted by Manhattan and it was a real Blair Waldorf moment.   

So to round up of course I need to mention my favourite perfume and lipstick! Perfume of the month has absolutely been Viktor & Rolf's BonBon. It's been one of my absolute favourites for about a year now, but this month I haven't been able to stop wearing it every single day. It is the most beautifully DELICIOUS sweet, divine smell. It's as addictive as sugar, but probably the most refined 'sweet' smell you could ever find. Seriously, just go and smell it. I've also been using the BonBon hair mist, which is amazing as I always spray perfume into my hair because I find that's where the scent lasts the longest, but obviously it isn't great for your hair, so this is the answer to my BonBon prayers!

For lipstick I have been obsessed with one of the Rosie for Autograph lipsticks in the shade Rose Lace. I did a review on Rosie Huntington Whitely's makeup range for M&S, you can read it here, but the lipsticks are so beautiful and incredible quality. They are exactly like the formula of Mac lipsticks, except the packaging is soooo much nicer! Rose Lace is a really gorgeous muted, rosy nude, but it's a lot brighter and bolder than the pinks and nudes I usually wear. As the weathers got nicer I've felt a little more adventurous and whilst this is still quite a tame lip colour for most, for me it's a really nice summery change, and I've been reaching for it every day.

Hope you all had a lovely April! As always you can shop the post either by clicking the links, or the little pictures below :) Let me know you're style inspirations this month or if you've seen anything you think I'll love!
Lots of love,
Freds x

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