Tuesday, 22 March 2016

ysl pretty new shades

It is no secret that Yves Saint Laurent Beauté is one of my absolute favourite high end beauty brands. I remember getting my first ever YSL lipstick. My wonderful boyfriend at the time bought one for me for Valentines Day and my heart honestly skipped a beat! It was one of the Rouge Volupte lipsticks in the shade 01 Nude Beige, and is still to this day one of my forever favourite lipsticks. 

The Rouge Volupté shine lipsticks are honestly plucked from girls dreams. They have the most perfect "oil-in-stick" formula. They are made up of sixty-five percent oil, and are packed with gorgeous, nourishing ingredients such as macadamia butter and pomegranate, so they leave your lips feeling so ubelievably silkly smooth and moisturised, and actually help improve the condition of your lips over time. The consistency is honestly sooooo beautiful, and the lipstick actually melts onto your lips so it glides on perfectly and smoothly. To say they are so moisturising, they are also really well pigmented, and the perfect amount of glossy, making your lips look incredibly full, healthy and sexy. Infused with YSL's signature mango scent, and obviously in without doubt the most beautiful (instagrammable!) packaging out there, these lipsticks are nothing less than perfect! And YSL have just released twelve new shades, two of which are the most gorgeous pinkish nudes, yay! I have seven out of the twelve beautiful shades here, and I have to say it's an amazing range of colours, from bright, flirty summer pinks, to statement 'red carpet' glamour reds, circling back of course to those effortlessly chic pretty nudes that I just love. 

From left to right, we have 48 Smoking Plum, 45 Rouge Tuxedo, 52 Trapeze Pink, 51 Rose Saharienne, 43 Rose Rive Gauche, 41 Corail a Porter, and 44 Nude Lavalliere. As you can imagine, the latter has hardly left my lips since I got these through the post! The subtle pink makes the perfect Spring shade, and the glossy finish makes my lips look so full and luscious! Also it's worth mentioning that '47 Beige Blouse' is also gorgeous, another pink-nude shade I've acquired since taking these photos. The brighter pinks and reds are also amazing if you want a slightly bolder colour but don't want a totally in-your-face, statement lip, as the colours come out quite sheer, so perfect if like me, you aren't too brave with bold colours. 

These lipsticks really are a dream come true. I haven't yet come across a lipstick that makes me feel as special and proud whipping it out of my handbag to reapply! They are on the more expensive side, but they really are the perfect little treat to yourself, and also a lovely thing to add to your grown up birthday list. Let me know your favourite shade in the comments! 

Lotsa love,
Freds x

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