Saturday, 17 December 2016


Hey everyone, I'm back again with another winter style post... be prepared, it's a long one! For this post, I am teaming back up again with one of my favourite brands Hollister, and I have put together three gorgeous outfits to give you some Winter style inspiration. I have such a love of the brand, and after working in store from the age of seventeen to twenty, it's extra special and exciting to work with them on another style post for my blog! I've said it so many times before, but when I worked at Hollister, I pretty much worked for free, as I would buy so many clothes after my shifts. I've always adored the luxurious comfort that Hollister does so well, and the cute, cosy, laid back style. The effortlessly cool cali girl that doesn't need to try. Well, today I'm going to be bringing the California style to a Winter in London...

For my first outfit, I've started out with some gorgeous twill skinny trousers in a pretty dusky rose colour. These are so comfortable, and such a cute, girly way to wear trousers. The "perfect" rips on the knees and zip details give them an on-trend edge, and make them less twee. I don't often wear trousers/jeans- I am much more of a skirt and dresses kind of girl as you know- but I really wanted to try something different and I love how these bottoms keep it feminine and I totally feel like I'm staying true to my style. I've paired these with this adorable cable knit crew neck, and you know how I feel about cream cable knit! It's my ultimate winter staple. I love how the soft cream and dusky rose compliment each other. Winter fashion can be such a bore. Everywhere I look, all I see are people in black, or grey. And whilst I appreciate the wardrobe essential colours, there is so much more fun to be had. I feel like people don't know how to wear colour in Winter, and so they resort to the easy option. I refuse! This outfit is such an easy way to bring pretty pastels into the cold season, and it's just so cute and casual, I love it so much. 

I finished off the look with my beautiful Fairfax and Favor tan suede Chelsea boots. The Chelsea boot is my ultimate favourite winter shoe. They are totally timeless, and transcend fashion trends, seasonally and annually. The silhouette of the boot is flawlessly slim and elegant, exuding a defined femininity on a unisex style shoe. I've owned many a pair of boots this style, but none have felt so well made as these ones. I can feel and appreciate the high quality in every step, actually feeling a sturdy and comfortable sole with no trace of ground. They are what I imagine would be called a "proper shoe", and in my mind the image of a "proper shoe" is not the kind I'd like to wear, but these are so far from that image. Perfectly stylish and gorgeous, these have become a footwear staple.

I've also added my favourite Pandora pieces to accessorise. I've fallen in love with these two rings, that I wear stacked on one finger. One silver, and one gold, I love the concept of mixing metals, and I think it creates another dimension to a jewellery look. I've also added the Pandora essence bangle to sit by my rose gold charm bracelet that I wear every day, and I love how these two look stacked up and connected together; they compliment each other beautifully.

The second outfit is definitely my favourite. I have developed a total obsession with jumper dresses this season; I've practically lived in them! And this pretty cream, textured sweater dress is one of my new favourites. I love the mix of typical jumper dress and skater style, and of course the adorable cable knit detailing around the shoulder. It's so ridiculously easy to wear, and looks so casual yet stylish. Totally easy and effortless looking, but so so cute and the perfect way to stay warm yet girly. It's so comfortable, and I feel so confident in it. And this pretty cream-white colour is probably my favourite winter colour, as obviously I love to wear pale and pastel colours, but I feel like unlike some other pales/pastels, cream is still so wintery. And of course the outfit needed a pink injection, so I topped it off with this cute af pink bobble hat. The colour is the similar dusky rose hue as the bottoms in the last outfit, and is a gorgeous mix of cable knit (woop woop) and lovely soft almost dressing gown-like material. And of course a white fluffy fairy bobble on top to complete the cuteness. 

I finished off this look with my beautiful, classic mini Chestnut uggs. These are my off-duty go to shoes. Is there anything lovelier than stepping out in the freezing cold with your feet cosily tucked away in the warmest boots in the world?! Love them or hate them, worn the right way Ugg's are a total Winter icon. Styled in the right way I think they are just the cutest shoes, and make an outfit look so casual and youthful. I thought they went so perfectly with the dress for the ultimate "just something I threw on (yet gorgeous)" look. I originally planned this outfit with tights, yet on the day the weather was pretty mild, and honestly? The dress and boots are so warm that you can just about deal with the cold biting at your legs. But if you're not as hard core (/stupid) as me, then the outfit looks super cute with tights too, and even some over the knee socks.

The final outfit is probably the most 'Freddy-like' outfit out of the three, and I'm just so in love with it! More on the chic, smart casual side than the others, but still so cute and cosy. The first piece is this amazing blush fluffy sweater with the cold shoulder detail. How can I stress how much I love this. It's so unbelievably soft and cuddly, it feels like I've stepped out wrapped up in my dressing gown. The subtle pink is so neutral and pretty, and the cut out shoulders give an eye catching edge to the classic fluffy jumper. This for me, is one of the standout pieces of clothing I've bought this year. I've tucked the jumper into this gorgeous grey a-line skirt. This skirt is so smart yet stylish, and goes perfectly with the casual style jumper. It fits beautifully, and the woollen material gives a defined Winter feel. It's very flattering, silhouetting my body really nicely, and again I feel super confident wearing this. I love the cool little details, like the faux pockets with chrome poppers, and the textured pattern- I think they make it look and feel a lot more expensive than it is! The jumper and skirt go so perfectly together, and I just love how the blush and grey really compliment one another. They are the perfect pair.

I've chosen to finish off this look with these incredible over the knee taupe boots by Aldo. Thigh high boots have captured my soul this Winter, and whist my heart will mostly always lie with ankle boots, I am obsessed with how over the knees can totally transform an outfit and instantly make it look so much more current and on trend. I love the soft browny taupe, and the elegant almond shaped toe. They are also pretty structured and stay up on my leg well, unlike a lot of thigh high boots. They are such a key piece to have in your shoe collection this Winter, as they can seriously make an old outfit look brand new. And finally, I've of course added my beloved Dune cross body, that I featured in my previous post. I adore this. It is the perfect companion to any outfit, and I had to shoot it again just to show you all how much I really do love it.

If you made it this far, thank you so much- I hope you loved these three Hollister outfits as much as I do and got some cold weather style inspo. A lot of people write to me asking how they can stay cute and girly and still be warm in Winter. Well, minus the bare legs, I hope I gave you some ideas. Big thank you to Hollister for giving me the opportunity to share these outfits with my readers, it's an honour as always to work with one of my favourite fashion brands. <3 As always, you can shop the post below by clicking on the little pics which will take you straight to the items online. I've also added a few other favourites from Hollister that I didn't include in the post. Happy shopping! Do let me know in the comments if you bought anything or which were your favourite pieces from the post.
 I hope you're all having a gorgeous December so far- but I won't say Happy Christmas just yet as I should be seeing you before then. See, I told you I would be more active ;)

Lots of love,

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Sunday, 11 December 2016


Hey everyone, and thank you for checking back to for another Winter outfit post. This post was actually completely spontaneous and unplanned! I was on my way out of the house to meet some friends and go to a few blogger events, when I realised I'd stepped out in pretty much the same outfit (minus the heels, I'll be honest!) almost every day in the last week, and it really deserved some attention on the blog, as it features a few of my favourite pieces I've ever had! I know I always say the new things I buy are my favourite things I've ever bought, and then in the next post I say it again, but it's truly always how I feel! It's like falling in love. Once you're in love with a person, you can't imagine life without them, and you can't understand how you lived life before without them. Well that's how I feel about the clothes and accessories I buy! Not dramatic at all... 

First of course, we need to talk about the coat. OH MY. This coat honestly walked out of my dreams. If I was a coat, this would be me. Of course it's by my absolute favourite brand, Ted Baker. I actually saw a sample of it in the showroom at the press day back in April and TOTALLY fell in love, but I had to wait for it to become current season and it was the one and only saving grace of Summer ending and Winter starting for me! It is the most gorgeous coat I have ever owned. I love the super on-trend colour block style; if you asked me which two colours in the world I'd like to pair for a two tone winter coat, it would be these two! I love how the soft (*faux) fur panels give it an almost Russian "Nutcracker Ballet" look, making it so unique and ultra elegant. I also can't express to you how many compliments I receive when I wear this, from friends and strangers alike! One fellow shopper in Selfridges last week commented "I wish I could find something that special in England" and I was like guuuuuuuurl!!! (She was actually not a girl, she appeared to be a well seasoned shopper into her fifties, and I did not really say "guuuuuuurl" but you get the sentiment!). At a slightly higher price tag, I intended for this to be my "special occasion coat". But of course in true Freddy style, it's obviously just become my every day coat, and there is a moment each day when I step out of my door; a small flicker of doubt of whether it's perhaps slightly over the top for going to the Post Office to pick up my parcels for example. But like I said, just a flicker, and the thought always seems to pass very swiftly ;) Not only is it perfectly stylish and feminine, but it's also seriously warm and cosy, with the exception of the three-quarter length sleeves, but what are freezing cold wrists in the face of fashion? And anyway, all the more opportunity to show off my latest favourite wrist accessory...

How beautiful is this rose gold mesh watch by Olivia Burton. Over the last year I have fallen in love with Olivia Burton watches. They are pretty much my ideal watch brand, combining current trends with vintage, feminine style. They only launched in 2012, but have already become an iconic brand, stocked in Topshop, Selfridges, John Lewis and Asos to name a few. I can spot their flawlessly pretty and stylish designs a mile off, which speaks volumes of their branding and design etc, and they really are the perfect classic accompaniment to an outfit. You know when you really like something, but there's pretty much always something small you'd change about it? Like, ah it's lovely but it would have looked so much nicer in rose gold, or with a slimmer strap. Nope, not Olivia Burton. IMO they literally get it spot on every time. The big, white face and rose gold mesh strap of this watch is statement enough to catch an eye, but understated enough to remain classy. Rose gold has gradually sneaked it's way into every aspect of my wardrobe, so the watch pretty much goes with everything I have. I love the gorgeous little details like the multi-dial on the face, and the Olivia Burton branding engraved on the inside. At a higher price point than the average high street watch, but far below those of luxury timepieces, it's the perfect affordable luxury. It's so bright and shiny and eye-catching, but so perfectly classic and elegant, a total staple accessory!

Now moving on to the new bag of my life. I know, I know. I say it every time. But this reallyyyyyyyy is one of my favourite things I've ever bought! I actually saw this beautiful cream bag by Dune months ago, but it was at a time when I'd just done a tonne of shopping, and I really felt like I couldn't buy anymore, so I made a mental note to come back to it. And thank goodness I did! I've been taking this bag out every day. I'm the kind of girl that likes to take a huge tote bag out with me, and stuff it full with every essential a girl might need (and most of the time, does not need) outside of the house. Little boxy crossbody's like this are usually strictly for evenings out alone. But recently this beauty has had me ditching my every day handbags and reaching for this instead. Practicalities first. It fits everything I actually need for a short day out. Phone, purse, keys, charger, compact tangle teezer and a small selection of makeup for touch ups. And it's amazing how much more enjoyable a day can be without a heavy tote bag giving you a painful shoulder and spoiling everything. The quality also feels outstanding, which is really impressive for it's modest high street price tag. Now let's just talk about how damn beautiful and luxury-looking this bag is? It's the most gorgeous blush nude (synthetic) saffiano leather-look material, and the incredible gold chain and tassel is reminiscent of one of my most coveted bags, the Saint Laurent kate monogram shoulder bag- which will one day be on the blog but for now remains in my dreams. Meanwhile, this Dune dupe is perfect. Pinky-cream and gold are my absolute favourite combo, and this little bag is so feminine and effortlessly chic. Aside from it's classic style, it's best attribute is that it is the ideal day to night bag. This can be dressed down with a casual top and skirt/jeans like you'll see below, or dressed up with a cocktail dress and heels, and it looks perfect with EVERYTHING. It's so pretty, I don't even put it away in my wardrobe with my other bags, I've been displaying it in my room! Dune, I bow down to you. For me this is one of the best high street finds of the year!

So now we (reluctantly) remove the coat and see what's underneath. I found this gorgeous nude pink lace top on a recent spontaneous trip to Zara, and knew it had to be mine! Of course I love the colour, and when I find an item of clothing in this colour I know it's going to be worth it, as it will go with everything I have. The frill sleeves and high neck are a nod to the amazing Victoriana trend which is one of my favourites, and the structured cut-out lace is very Self Portrait - esque, but of course at a mere fraction of the cost. Very current, in-keeping with current trends yet still very modest, classic and girly, Zara did so well with this one! Tip: the front is lined but the back isn't, so avoid faux pas' by wearing a nude lacy bralette to blend in nicely, not a white Calvin Klein bra like this silly one here, whoops!

I've paired the top with this cute grey pleated skirt form New Look. Although I really do love how this looks, I cannot gush about it the way I have with everything else. It looks great, but the material does feel cheap, and the fit is really bad. It claims to be a high waisted skirt, but I'm wearing a size 6 and have had to pin it into place to keep it from falling down :( however, I do really like how it looks when it's fitted properly, and everyone's waist is a different size so don't let me put you off. I love the structured pleats on this skirt, the kind of schoolgirl/kilt style that I'm so fond of. The material is a textured knit effect, which is super cute and wintery and more interesting than something plain grey. I LOVE how these two look paired together. It's just the smart casual, feminine chic style that I just love so, so much. 

And finally for shoes. I must admit, these have not been my every day shoes, but I wanted to feature them anyhow as they are so, so gorgeous and perfect for festive, winter events. They are my new Kurt Geiger court shoes. I love how KG have made an on trend update on the classic court shoe. The wide block heel, the cute ankle strap and of course the sexy black velvet. All of which, I adore. Another perfect transitional day-to-night shoe, gorgeous for a party but also don't look at all out of place with my casual daytime top and skirt ensemble. And bonus, they are currently on sale, so be sure to grab yours before they sell out!

I hope you enjoyed this post! After I'm finished writing I'm always stunned at how much I've managed to write about one outfit; passion for fashion right there! As always, you can shop the post by clicking on the links throughout, or by clicking on the lil' pics below. Stay tuned and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' to stay up to date with my posts- I have two more fab outfit posts scheduled for December... then it will be 2017 and a few things may be changing. I know I've been promising it for a while, but it's finally happening and I can't wait. 

See you soon!



Wednesday, 2 November 2016

An Update ♡ & a sassy winter outfit

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog. I just wanted to write a little update post, as I obviously haven't posted in such a long time, and I feel really rubbish about it. When I started my youtube channel Freddy My Love I never really expected to be able to call it a full time job. And while I am SO grateful that I can, and loving every minute of it, where I was thrown in pretty quickly, and where most of my new friends and peers have been doing this a lot longer than I have, I've been finding it difficult to find my feet, and to keep up! My channel is growing at an incredible and overwhelming rate, and I feel pressure to not only create videos that I think my audience will love, but also to create content that steps up to the ever growing standard that has been set. It's tough, I won't lie! Before 18 months ago, I had never picked up a DSLR camera. I didn't know about lenses or lighting, had never heard of "depth of field" or white balance. Learning a new skill is exciting, but also a struggle. Plus I'm a virgo. Duh, I'm the biggest perfectionist in the world. I will literally spend over an hour adjusting the lighting until I'm happy with how it looks, and that's before I've even started filming! It's not unusual for me to completely refilm a video because I'm not happy with how it turned out. What I'm trying to say is, I've been consumed with my youtube channel and this blog has pretty much been left to rot. Well, slight exaggeration, but you get it.

It sucks because I really do love this blog, and the whole entire concept of blogging itself. I wanted to be a blogger ever since I was about fourteen, and discovered Tavi/ Style Rookie. I dabbled in my own blog but it was a total fail, so I flew over to Tumblr and that was kind of my thing. But what I have now is what I always dreamt of having, and please believe me when I promise I will do so much better in the future. The new design is coming, I'm so excited and I cannot wait to get stuck in and fill it with beautiful outfits and beautiful places for you to enjoy. This is a passion that I've neglected but if you are reading this, thank you so much because it means you have stuck by me through my idleness! 

Hopefully you won't have to wait much longer for the new blog, but in the meantime I thought I'd share a good old outfit post with you. If you are followers of my youtube channel, you may have seen my Halloween Scream Queens 'Chanel Oberlin' Get The Look video. This is honestly probably my favourite video I've ever done. If you watch Scream Queens, you'll know the character Chanel has the most incredible, over the top, glamorous style, and I had the absolute best fun recreating it and shopping for all the outfits, as they are pretty similar to my own style, yet also out of my comfort zone! So many people, including my parents and boyfriend, said I should dress like her every day. I wish I had the confidence! But I have actually been taking some 'Chanel" inspiration and injecting some of her style into mine, and I wanted to share thus outfit with you as it's so pretty and wintery (minus the bare legs, but you know how weather inappropriate I am!).

So this outfit is just my favourite thing ever. I have wanted a fluffy top like this for so long, and I found it at Pretty Little Thing, which is an online store I've never shopped at before, but I was so spoilt for choice. The matching, ever so sassy, fluffy platforms were also courtesy of PLT, and where they may not be the most suitable shoes for hanging out outside the Saatchi Gallery (all for the photos, all for the photos), they are the most incredible winter party shoes! The pretty, (yet sexy I feel?) white fluffiness is broken up with this gorgeous pink suede skirt from H&M (which is sadly sold out but I've found a gorgeous alternative at Missguided!). And the accessories are a dream, all hailing from the holy grail of accessories- Accessorize. Mouthful. This nude patent boxy clutch bag is the perfect classy addition to any party outfit. I adore these dainty, diamondy stacked rings, in gold, rose gold and silver- such a good idea to mix metals and draw your jewellery together if it's mismatched like mine is for example, with this gorgeous, unique gold "love knot" bangle, the rose gold "love" necklace, AND of course my staple silver and rose gold Pandora bracelet. I know this is going to be my go-to Winter party outfit!

I hope you enjoyed this little outfit post, and can forgive me for my recent lack of them. I promise, I'll be back soon in full light and pinkness. <3
As always you can shop the post below. Thank you so much for reading, and please do leave me a comment to let me know you have. I really do appreciate it so much.
Much love !




Thursday, 8 September 2016


"Being Parisian is about more than just a look. It's about an attitude. Wearing jeans to a nightclub and heels to the supermarket. Taking the stairs "for exersize" literally as you are biting into a bazillion-calorie croissant. Of course, the look helps."
Welcome back to my blog. Today I have something that I'm really excited about to share with you. Recently I've been working on a project with the lovely subscription box brand My Little Box. My Little Box is the ultimate gift of Parisian style. Every month a different (always super cute) theme, with a selection of beauty products, a fashion accessory, and a gorgeous little glossy magazine with all the need-to-know for Parisian lifestyle. I've been receiving these boxes for the past five months, and they are always beautifully packaged and full of darling surprises. So you can imagine my excitement that this month, (September is my favourite month!) I have teamed up with MLB to create the September Mademoiselle Box! I had so much fun working on this, and it's so so pretty that I had to share it with you on my blog.

This month, My Little Box have also teamed up with the designer Claudie Pierlot, whose feminine, elegant, flirty style is the perfect match for the Mademoiselle box, and for me! I'm just in love with the design of the box- the sketch of me was actually drawn from a picture on my blog! Inside every box is a little magazine, "My Little World", with beauty and fashion tips and interviews, it really is a bible for those who want to master the très classic Parisian lifestyle. 

The treats inside the Mademoiselle box, are firstly the Mademoiselle Volume Impertinent Mascara, from the brand's very own beauty brand My Little Beauty, a Ginseng sheet mask, and a pot of Darphin Paris anti-aging masque. And, of course, this beautiful Claudie Pierlot 'Mademoiselle Pierlot' envelope purse. So adorable!

So just a quick post this week, but I've been so excited to show you, and I would absolutely love for you to order one of these beautiful boxes yourselves. They are £14.95 per month, including postage, but you can receive £3.95 OFF my box until the end of September by using my discount code MYLITTLEFREDDY at checkout!

All my love, and remember, Parisians aren't born- they're made! <3


This post was kindly SPONSORED by My Little Box. Find out more about the way I work with brands here.

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