Thursday, 14 November 2019

My Day At The Savoy

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, that I love London so?

It's quite a magical thing to experience your home city from a different perspective. I've stayed in many London hotels, but only for one night at a time and usually in conjunction with a work obligation, never just on my own time. And if I could have chosen any hotel in London to while away the day at my leisure, it would've been The Savoy. Such an iconic landmark hotel of the city, and, after my visit, if I could recommend to any big smoke visitor where to stay, to absorb a classically London experience- it would be here. 
I'm not sure there is a more perfect location for a home away from home in the city. Located on The Strand, and almost on the River, minutes in both directions to either the beautiful and famous Covent Garden, and further up along to Soho, the theatre district and of course Regent Street, or the other direction to the Thames and the Southbank. You couldn't be more in the middle of everything fabulous that the city has to offer. From the moment you pull up to the front, and are greeted by the exceptionally mannered gentlemen in top hats on the door, it completely sets the tone for your time there. I was so impressed by the sweet welcome and farewell each time passing through the doors, and after following the hotel on social media for a time, I was delighted to see the recognisable face of Tony, the head doorman for the past 30 years at The Savoy! He, and the other gentlemen, made me feel like a princess each time I walked through the doors. I knew as soon as I arrived it would be as wonderful as I imagined it to be!
I was very lucky to be given one of the Edwardian style signature suites- no less than the Mel Brooks suite, named after the man himself after he spent months in London with his play Young Frankenstein, and had a permanent residency in the hotel. Scattered tastefully with Mel Brooks/Young Frankenstein memorabilia- I would love to see the Katherine Hepburn and Charlie Chaplin suites! Maybe next time ;) My room had both a huge beautiful living area as well as bedroom, with a marble bathroom and fabulous view of the Thames. I felt like I was in a dream! I could have stayed in the room and not left at all, especially as, in true London style, the rain was relentless the entire time! 

I began my day of course the way every day would begin in our dream world- with a luxurious breakfast in bed. After three rounds of ordering breakfast, I can confirm that the Savoy Style Pancakes, with blueberries, roasted hazelnuts, banana mousse and maple syrup, was probably the yummiest breakfast I've ever had. Or if you are not as partial as me to that much sugar in the morning, and you want a more traditional English experience, The Savoy Breakfast, JJ's choice, was a pretty good option too. And I'd recommend ordering a couple of almond croissants on the side because... 

well why not.  

       After breakfast it was time to step out and brave the rain, with the help of the Savoy umbrella kindly handed to me at the door as I had forgotten mine, and take a stroll round the cobbles of Covent Garden. It really is one of the best places in the world. There is a curated selection of shops, enough to cover all bases but not as intense an experience as Oxford Street! As well as that the dining options are fabulous, and of course the free on street entertainment from London's buskers which is always a treat! I always make a stop at Ladurée for a box of macarons, my favourite way to indulge myself! 
After an hour or so in the cold rain, and full up from pancakes and sweet pistachio treats, we headed back to the hotel to spend the rest of the morning relaxing. We checked out the spa and had a little dip in the pool, before taking a lovely hot bubble bath and face mask (me, not JJ!) and making the most of the incredible suite. It felt like a little piece of heaven.

I guess I'll never know, the reason why you love me as you do...

After a relaxing couple of hours, and maybe just maybe a little nap (it was an early morning!), we headed downstairs for afternoon tea in the Thames Foyer.  Another dreamy moment, as the light slowly dimmed through the glass dome as the sun went down, and the pianist delicately played 'The Wonder Of You', a song that inexplicably makes me tear up every time, especially played so beautifully. It might sound cheesy, but there are moments in life where, in just that moment, every thing is perfect. And you couldn't possibly change a thing to make it better. That doesn't happen every  day so I was overwhelmed for a minute. But the rosé champagne and scones brought me back! If you have a sweet tooth, and we've clearly established I do and may actually have a problem in this post, I would go for the Traditional Afternoon Tea as there are more sweet treats than the High Tea! I had my 'modern Marie Antoinette' moment (if you know, you know), piled my fruit scones with cream THEN jam, and got a little dizzy from the champagne- apparently macarons aren't the best way to line your stomach?!


I had a few emails to write and photos to edit, so we spent a little more time in the room- very grateful for the complimentary wifi! By the evening I was somehow peckish again, so we headed out to one of JJ and I's favourite restaurants, Din Tai Fung, just a few minutes walk away in Covent Garden, and enjoyed some dumplings, rice and noodles! Finally something not containing sugar, and luckily there was no time for the custard desert dumplings as we had a show to catch! The Savoy hotel is actually connected to the fabulous and historic Savoy theatre, which is such a delight with it's authentic 1920's decor and intimate setting. Although the theatre is playing 9-5 the musical which I had seen quite recently, so instead we went to see The Lion King and The Lyceum- a five minute walk from the hotel- as JJ had never seen it and I hadn't been since a child. It really is just as good twenty years from it's premiere, an absolute classic! After the show, we returned to the hotel and stopped for a few drinks in the sensational Beaufort Bar. An absolute must visit if you are a cocktail connoisseur, or if like me, drinking in itself doesn't hold that much appeal, so the experience needs to be exciting. The bar itself is dark, dramatic and stylish, taking you back into a bygone era of opulent glamour, with a menu that reads as a history book of performance magic. I started with 'The Allure' and finished with 'Frozen Petal', while JJ enjoyed 'Look Into My Eyes' and 'The Mentalist' (named after Derren Brown!). Accompanied again by live music, it really was magical! 

I almost had a lump in my throat when it was time to say goodbye- I truly had the most wonderful stay and I would give anything to relive it! I want to say such a big thank you to The Savoy for hosting me and showing me the best London has to offer. I found my home, not too far away, from home! 

Freds x 

This post is a paid partnership with Fairmont Hotels.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

A dream shopping trip to Palm Springs

Could there really be anything better than combing my two favourite things... sunshine and shopping? Oh, and sugary snacks of course, my third favourite thing, which are available in abundance in America. I'll take any excuse to hop on a plane to one of my favourite places in the world- LA- but I hardly had to be asked twice to experience the world of Simon shopping outlets in Los Angeles and Palm Springs! The following post is a recap of my wonderful press trip with Simon Shopping Destinations.

The first place we visited was The Outlets at Orange, just outside LA in Orange County (and a short drive away from Disneyland if you wanted to do the dream trip!). I really loved it here as I love an outdoor shopping experience especially in the beautiful LA weather, there were loads of dining options, and a really good mix of high end stores and high street brands. Including bath and body works where I of course stocked up on the obligatory candles and shower gels! The existing discounts were brilliant and most stores had further special offers so you really felt like you were getting the best deals. I bought an absolutely beautiful blue two-piece from BCBGMaxAzria, which I wore several times on the trip as I knew as soon as I got home to the rain, it would be put away for the Winter! We finished off the day as every good day should be finished off... at Cinnabon.

The BCBG outfit from Orange, & Tory Burch shoes, and Kate Spade bracelet from Ontario Mills

The next day, we travelled slightly further to Ontario Mills, which is a mix of outlet stores and ordinary mall shops. This was by far the biggest, we checked our health app at the end of the day and we had literally walked miles! And you know I always shop in heels so I definitely got my workout for the week; whoever says shopping isn't exercise is wrong, because believe me it absolutely is, especially when carrying lots of bags which I certainly was! The highlights of this mall was definitely the Tory Burch and Kate Spade outlet stores, which were fabulous. I picked up the most gorgeous pair of shoes from Tory Burch (which a few days later I found at the Tory Burch store on Rodeo Drive in a SLIGHTLY different, and less cute, colour), and a dress from Kate Spade that I had been considering buying last year when it was new season- so you can imagine how delighted I was to find it at 60% off! Josie and I bought matching Kate Spade bracelets to remind us of the trip. I also stocked up on some Sephora facemasks, and took advantage of the insane savings at Michael Kors and bought my little sister's birthday and Christmas present! She doesn't read my blog, don't worry hehe. 

The Kate Spade dress I bought at Ontario Mills

Our final destination was the Desert Hills Premium Outlets in Palm Springs, and I think they saved us the best until last! Pretty much every designer you could think of, in one place- Chloé', Burberry, Prada, Mulberry- with humongous savings and the sun beaming down. Shopping and tanning at once? Yes please! At this point I had resolved to not do any more shopping, but that kind of went out of the window... I tried on the most incredible gown in Dolce & Gabanna, honestly the most wonderful dress I've ever tried on. Josie and I came to the conclusion it must have been a dress loaned to a celebrity for something such as the Met Gala which is why it was in a concession store. I will always remember that dress but sadly couldn't justify spending such a huge amount of money on a dress that I have nowhere to wear it to! But I made up for it elsewhere, first of all in Prada and MiuMiu where I found the most beautiful princess shoes I've ever seen. It really would have been rude not to, when they were sat there screaming my name like that! Who knows where I will wear them, but it doesn't matter, shoes are art! Then we visited Stuart Weitzman, and I found the most AMAZING grey suede over the knee boots, with the perfect toe, perfect heel and wait for it... a pale pink sole. When I tried them on and they fit like a glove, and when I realised they would be almost a quarter of the full price, I knew I had to have them. They were a steal! And I know I will wear them non stop throughout Autumn and Winter so it totally felt justified. The only problem now was fitting it all inside my suitcase...

On top of our shopping trips, we were also treated to a fabulous tour of the Indian Canyons in Palm Springs with the fantastic Red Jeep Tours. I have honestly never seen such breathtaking views- SERIOUS Pocahontas vibes. Our tour guide Dee was such brilliant company with a rich wealth of knowledge. I was NOT in the right attire for hiking, but I'm desperate to go back with shorts and a paid of trainers with JJ and explore even more. Thank you so much to Visit Palm Springs for the treat! 

I come to LA every year so I will definitely be revisiting next time I am there. I absolutely love a shopping trip, or at least incorporating a shopping day into my trip, and LA/Palm Springs is the perfect destination because there's so much else to do on top. Just make sure you leave lots of space in your suitcase and you'll be fine! I hope you enjoyed the post, let me know if you would like to read more shopping posts! And don't forget to visit Simon Shopping Destinations, all over the US! I can't wait to visit the New York destinations!

Lots of love,
Freds x 

Sunday, 12 November 2017


 I've been holding off posting on my website, but I couldn't resist shooting this outfit and sharing it with you. I do a lot of shopping, we all know this. And I update my wardrobe pretty frequently, far more often than the average girl would- or should! And somehow I still manage to have the "nothing to wear" breakdown! However occasionally, along comes an outfit that I fall in love with, and I find myself reaching for day in day out, and find myself hearing "oh no, not that again!" from those around me. But I can't help it! When I really feel like I perfected an outfit, and I feel confident and comfortable in it, I will wear it until I'm totally bored with it! And probably instagram story it until you're bored with it too... apologies for that. But as always, it's these outfits that make it onto the blog!

First came the trousers. It's usually one statement, exciting piece that inspires an outfit, and the rest always just falls into place. I saw these in River Island whilst on an actual-real-life shopping trip- something that doesn't happen so often in the days of ASOS and next day delivery. Although I thought they were absolutely incredible, I initially walked away from them fearing I wouldn't have the confidence to pull them off. Even though culottes are definitely "in", they are still a teeeeeny little bit out there. But as I continued shopping, I couldn't get them out of my mind, and after I failed to come across anything else that really caught my eye, I decided to go back and take a chance on these pink, chef-ish trousers. When I brought them home, I was met with the oh so familiar "erm what were you thinking Freds" eyes by my mum and boyfriend. But when I tried them on, thrown together with a black high neck and heels, they were like... OH. I get it now. They looked so sexy and sophisticated with black peep toe heels, and the black high neck top brought down the level of 'statement' and made the trousers super wearable. But then one super cold day, I decided to try them with the grey Abercrombie jumper I bought out in LA. And I was like woah. Now THIS looks nice. The grey compliments the stripes in the culottes so nicely, and the relaxed, loose fit makes the whole outfit so Winter cosy, casual chic. The absolute perfect look for Winter in the city! And other than slightly chilly ankles, it's a great outfit for looking stylist but keeping warm too. I'm also looking forward to styling these in Spring, with a cute cami and ankle strap heeled sandals. Cuuuuuute!

It's okay, I can see you staring. Yes, I'm bringing berets back this Winter! I used to wear a black beret to school every day, and my boyfriend often says how much he loved it and how I should start wearing them again! I always kind of laugh him off, but after watching Gossip Girl (side note; I literally watch Gossip Girl every single day. It's just ON in the background whilst I get on with stuff. It's literally playing now as I write this) and getting serious style envy from Blair and Jenny Humphrey (season 1 of course), I decided that this Winter, berets would be my thing. And my boyfriend actually bought me this gorgeous little pink one for my birthday whilst we were in LA, and it was pretty much the only thing that made coming home to the cold less depressing! You don't really feel like wearing wool hats in 30-40 degree weather! And I am just so in love with how they look. I love bringing a little Parisian chic to London. Plus, you don't have to worry about having flat (or even maybe not the cleanest) hair! Not to mention this is definitely the cutest way of preventing the inevitable headache and pinprick ears that comes from the cold in London. Pretty and practical! My favourite new look for Winter. And how perfectly does the beret match the trousers? In colour, and in fabulous French style.

So I'm sure you're pretty familiar with this beauty by now. Quite easily the most worn item in my wardrobe this entire year, and yet I'm still so enchanted by it, and nowhere near bored (as I'm sure my Instagram followers probably are!). How is it a bag can transcend seasons so seamlessly, and style so easily with so many different looks. I will never not be in love with this bag! I think it's incredibly important if you are spending a lot of money on a luxury purchase, that you don't let it sit in the dustbag, whether that might be because it doesn't go with enough outfits, or you're simply too afraid to use it! And that just couldn't be further from the case with this bag. It's pretty much become an extension of my body! It literally goes with everything I have. It's so convenient and fits a lot more inside than you'd expect (check out my video where I show you everything I fit inside). If anything happened to it, there's no doubt in my mind I would repurchase it. It literally makes any outfit look perfect and more expensive. I feel like it really stands out without being a typical statement bag. It just looks special. If there's one bag you should add to your wish list, I promise you it's this one! Is it too soon for me to look at other colours... probably yes.

 So it's not only the Chloe Drew making an encore on my blog today, it's the boots too. These gorgeous Hudsons first made it onto the Freddy scene almost two years ago! And they are definitely one of my most worn pairs of shoes ever. They are understated but actually totally unique- I haven't come across a pair exactly like this ever since! I'm sure there have been some similar, but I'm a shoe perfectionist, and these are nothing less than perfect. Firstly the heel height is great. You all know I love a heel, for posture, lengthening your legs and just generally giving you a bit more cat in your walk, but high heels aren't really my thing, unless it's an occasion, but not for every day wear. So a cute little 3 inch heel is ideal! Far enough out of kitten heel territory but not a sky scraper either. Secondly, the almond toe shape. I find pointed shoes and boots too mature and severe, but totally rounded toes aren't as feminine. These are perfectly in the middle. And finally, I love how tightly the boots fit round the ankle. It creates a flattering line for your legs, and also a completely polished and neat silhouette. In short? I love the boots. LOVE THE BOOTS. And I would absolutely recommend wearing a heel of some sort with these culottes, or any culottes for that matter. The three quarter length can cut your legs off slightly and be a little unflattering, but heel totally counteracts that!

 I'm going to leave it here with a cute pic of my gorgeous boyfriend doubling up as my stylist and adjusting my beret. Love you JJ <3 Thank you so much if you are reading this, it means you haven't given up on me as a blogger and I'm so glad to have you here. Freddy My Love is getting a makeover very soon and I'm so excited to bring you more fashion and style content, as it really is my true passion and slightly hard to get across on Youtube. Lots and love of love, and you will hear from me soon.

Stay tuned,



Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Hey gorgeous girls and guys, and welcome back.
Let's cut to the chase. When I saw this outfit in Zara, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Or should I say, tripped and stumbled into Chanel. Despite it's dire customer service, and often regrettably poor quality, the effortless way Zara picks up on recent catwalk trends and brings them to the high street in ultra wearable ways, is what keeps me coming back to the over crowded, badly lit rooms, queuing for what seems like hours and walking out with that grey paper carrier bag of gold time... and time... and time again. I'd actually just done a Zara haul video on my channel the week before, spent an obscene amount of money and was only visiting the store to make some returns, when I saw this on a mannequin. I swear my heart almost stopped! For goodness sake, I was supposed to be coming here to save some wardrobe space and make my purse a little heaver again, not the other way around! But how could I walk away and let that go? And at only £56 for the whole outfit, it didn't exactly break the bank...

I spent weeks and weeks earlier on this year, searching for the perfect (non-tacky) Chanel dupes for my Chanel Haute Couture SS17 Inspired Lookbook and it was seriously hard work. Probably because I did it far too early- the high street brands hadn't had time to catch on yet, but I wanted to do the video early enough to still be relevant. This would have been the dream duo to feature in the video. To me, this is instantly recognisable as a Chanel inspired piece. The delicate, feminine tweed in nude tones is a classic staple look, but the subtle gold metallic running through and of course the feather detail on the pockets, is such a nod to the SS17 collection. Obviously, haute couture isn't exactly wearable for the every day girl, so I just love how Zara has created something so simple and wearable, that totally captures the essence and glamour of the Paris catwalk. And much lighter on your bank account. Now let's talk accessories...

First of all, I have my beautiful Pandora princess ring. My boyfriend recently bought this for me because of course, I'm his princess, and if I can't wear a tiara on my head every day I should wear one on my finger. We all need a bit of sap in our lives, ok people? I absolutely adore it; the shiny rose gold, the intricate design, it's just so so pretty. Then to match, I'm wearing one of my new favourite watches, which is the rose gold La Vedette by Cluse. I'm so here and there with watches, sometimes I love something big, shiny and statement, but other time I much prefer something really minimal and elegant. I love how petite and delicate the watch is, yet it still makes it's statement with the metallic strap. So cute and the perfect watch to go with this outfit. Then finally, this fun rose gold clutch that I picked up from Accessorise on the same day I shot these pictures, as I didn't already own anything that would compliment. Apart from the Chloe which looks amazing with this outfit (doesn't it look amazing with everything?), but she featured in the last post so I wanted t mix it up a bit! I shot this outfit pretty last minute and didn't have a lot of time to find a bag. Accessorize was my first stop, and a successful one, reinforcing my thoughts of them as a total go-to, one stop shop for accessories. 

On my feet are these pretty little block heels court shoes by Dune. I picked these up back in December, but amazingly they are still in stock, presumably because they sell really well. And I can see why! They've already taken me through multiple occasions and have become somewhat of a go to, whether it's for an evening occasion where I'm wearing something kinda fancy but don't want to go overboard with super heels, or even if I just want to slightly glam up a casual every day look. And they are so comfortable- they feel more like wearing flats than heels, yet you still get that 'lift'. How wonderful is it for us tall girls and girls that like to wear a heel on a day to day basis, that these shoes are in? I feel like a few years ago this style of shoe was only worn by teachers and bank workers, and not the cool ones. I wouldn't have worn them if you paid me! Isn't it funny how fashion comes around. Now I'm rejoicing that I can wear a two-inch heel and still be stylish! I'd really recommend adding a pair of these to your shoe collection, and even better, they are currently half price! 

P.s. I just proof read my post, and thought I was so convincing on the shoes, I've even convinced myself and just ordered another pair in nude! 

I hope you enjoyed reading! Please do let me know in the comments if you've seen anything you think I must have! You can shop all the accessories in the post below, except the top and skirt, which you can find here & here

Lots of love,


Friday, 5 May 2017


The frill hem saga continues. 

You know me, when I find a trend I like, I adopt it and clutch onto it like a long lost child. Little did I know, when I ordered these particular trousers, (which I initially thought I would return from lack of confidence to wear them), that they would be the key piece of my Spring wardrobe, and totally evolve and expand my style! If you guys read my last blog post, you'll already know about my love for the frilled hem trousers, but even though I wrote about my white ones first, it was actually this gorgeous grey pair that inspired and started the whole obsession...

I freakingggg love this outfit. This has been one of my every day looks for the past month or so. The trousers are actually a perfect Winter to Spring transitional piece, looking equally as stylish paired with either a cami top for the warmer days, or a high neck, tight fitting knit, depending on our ever-temperamental English weather. I feel like I can't go on too much about the trousers, as I wrote so much about them in my last post! But they are just the perfect blend of a current trend, and my own simple, feminine style. As a fashion blogger, (how I do enjoy calling myself that these days), and actually just somebody passionate about fashion and style, I do think it's important to keep up to date with current trends, but not compromising your own personal style. Finding the balance is key! I don't believe in chasing after trends, purely for the fact they are currently cool, but equally one mustn't be too set in their own ways and reject new trends, as that's when you're style will become dated. In short, I try and let my style evolve and expand and go where the fashion wind takes me, but you will never see me in sliders!

Anyway, back to the point- the outfit! The trousers have such a gorgeous, tailored feel cut, and sit at a super flattering and convenient place on the hips, meaning they look great with tops tucked in or flowing out. I also love the beautiful, neutral lilac-y grey colour. I think it makes them a lot easier to wear and a good way to 'break into' them than if they were say, a bright pink (which I also have in my wardrobe by the way, but you know, I'm a frill hem connoisseur now.) I've found that trousers are actually a pretty convenient thing to wear; they keep you fairly warm and you don't need to worry about having smooth, tanned legs... however I've always found them a little bit too masculine and 'office-y' for my taste. But the frill hem on these trousers just give them that gorgeous, cute, feminine flair that totally diminishes those connotations. 

I'll be totally honest with you! I had to push myself to wear these. I'm never been a particularly bold kind of dresser, but it was one of my new years resolutions to be braver and more confident when it comes to fashion and step outside of my comfort zone. And after a few outings, these feel totally natural and actually pretty tame, and have become a staple piece in my Spring wardrobe, inspiring the purchase of a white pair and also a pink pair of course! 

The top I paired with the bottoms, is this really pretty, super simple off-shoulder cami. I wanted something really minimal, that would compliment and add to the feminine, chic look  the trousers demand. I absolutely love the juxtaposition between the free, flowing style of the top, and the more structured, statement style of the trousers, I think it works so well and gives the outfit dimension. 

To accessorise, I've added these adorable retro Miu Miu sunglasses, which I think are ridiculously cool and so much fun to wear, adding a cute, vintage vibe to the outfit. And of course, my beloved Chloé Drew bag. I think this is actually the first time I've shown this on my blog, which is unbelievable as it has practically become an extension of my body since I got it a few months ago. It really has been my dream bag for about two years, and I still get butterflies every time I see it and remember it's mine! Ok, so we all know this bag is expensive, especially for a small shoulder bag. I was so lucky that My Theresa, an amazing online designer retailer, offered me a gift voucher that partially paid for it, but honestly, I was literally on the brink of buying it, and the only thing holding me back was that I had just bought my Louis Vuitton. I'm not the girl that constantly splurges a lot of money like that, but I was so torn between the two bags when I decided to treat myself, and I decided to go for the LV because it was more of an 'everyday' bag as it's nice and spacious, and also the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is a good investment piece as it's a classic style that really retains it's value. Having said that however, I've used my Drew just as much as my Neverfull! And it's actually so refreshing to carry a small bag. When you have a large bag, you fill it. You fill it with nonsense items you don't really need just because you can, and you end up taking out a heavy bag that can actually spoil your day. The Chloe fits in everything that's totally necessary; wallet (mine is a relatively large purse), phone (I have the 7plus), tangle teezer (great brush for taking out on the go), and a small makeup bag for the essentials (lipliner, lipstick, concealer, beauty blender, mirror). And it's incredible how much more pleasant your day can be without a horrid heavy handbag bringing you down and giving you backache! So it surprisingly gets all the points for practicality. Not to even mention it's major style points. It literally goes with everything, and makes every outfit look ten times better. I'm serious! I could be wearing a plain old pair of jeans and a white tee, but sling the Drew over my shoulder and look chic! It's honestly such an incredible bag, and I know at this point if anything happened to it, I would definitely put the money in and buy another. In fact, I'm even tempted to buy it in another colour, but I think that may be going a bit far! Anyway, I hope you love it as much as I do, because I have a feeling you're going to be seeing a lot of it on the blog from now until forever!

And finally, the shoooooooes. I've always said I'm not a shoe person, but I think I'm lying to myself more than anyone else. I picked up these fabulous peep-toe sandals by Miss KG at Kurt Geiger, and they have already been worn more than half the shoes in my wardrobe! They add such a fun, youthful sass to every outfit! I LOVE the sexy ankle strap, and the block heel. I know some people have mixed feelings about block heels, but I think it's all down to personal taste, as even though in general I'm always drawn to daintier styles, I much prefer these to say, a stiletto heel. I think they are much younger and much more fun! The colour is so versatile, especially for Spring, and they are the perfect day to night shoe, looking just as fabulous under a pair on pale, cuffed jeans, as they do accompanying a pretty little evening occasion dress. And the heel height is just spot on. You guys know I'm not so into high heels, mainly because I'm fairly tall and I feel uncomfortable totally towing over people, but also, who on earth can bare to walk or even stand for a long period of time in high heels?! But on the contrary, I just love the lifted feeling you get wearing heels. Your legs look longer and lovelier, your posture immediately looks better, and I always find myself walking with my head held higher and with a little flounce in my step, and I love that feeling. So these shoes are the perfect compromise. I've actually spent full days out in London walking around in these, and I would be lying if I said they didn't hurt me at all, but that was mainly just the shoe cutting into my feet rather than actually foot-ache, so if you armour up with plasters beforehand you'll be totally good to go. These were such a great find, and I've already got so much wear out of them and really made the purchase worth it. I already know these will be my most worn shoes this Spring/Summer!

So that wraps up this outfit post! I hope you're enjoying these posts, as I'm trying to put them up more regularly and share more of my favourite outfits with you. Please let me know in the comments section if there's anything else you'd like to see up here on my blog. I've been so buried deep in my youtube channel for the past year, it's so nice to have another platform to be creative on. Fashion is harder to do on Youtube, (you wouldn't make a video on one outfit like you can a blog post), and I'm in love with writing, so I'm really enjoying this a lot, and I'd really appreciate your suggestions. As always, you can shop the post below, and please do let me know if you bought anything you saw me wear, as when I read those comments/tweets, it honestly makes me so, so happy- it makes everything seem worth it knowing I inspired someone.

Lots of love,


Thursday, 20 April 2017


Hey gorgeous ones, welcome back. I posted a picture of this outfit on Instagram and after so many comments, thought how could I possibly not post this on my blog! This is probably my most "aesthetic" outfit so far. Which reminds me- when on earth and why did people start using "aesthetic" as an adjective?! Fyi, that's the first time I've ever done so haha! Anyway, on to my sassy floral ballerina look... (I challenge you to come up with a better description! One rule- do not use "aesthetic")...

Where to even begin? Let's start with the trousers. My new obsession, which you're going to realise in my next few posts, is frill hem trousers, or any sort of cool, sassy trousers for that matter. There was a time in life when I would have been completely mortified by even the thought of wearing these sort of trousers, but I've come to a realisation. I will never be as young, or free, or as able to pull off crazy and outgoing outfits as I am right now. So I'm not going to waste my time being boring! True, some of the outfits I wear may well make me cringe later on in life, but no doubt some of the things I'll be wearing then would make me cringe now! That's the fun of fashion! And let's not pretend I'm some super fashion forward risk taker all of the time, because I am well aware that I'm not. But somehow, when Spring rolls around and the air is warmer and the days are longer, I start to feel like a newer, fresher, freer and more confident me. Maybe it's the vitamin D the grey English clouds withhold from us all Winter long that makes me feel so confident and fabulous. Or maybe it's the fact I don't have worry about staying above a 2 on the 0-10 'how cold am I' scale (0 being hypothermia, 10 being moderately warm- I draw the line very low down) and of course the fabulous Spring styles that pop up all over the high street, that gives me my much longed for fashion freedom.

 Anyway, what a ramble! The point is, this outfit is pretty much my life right now. I'm trying to push out of my comfort zone little by little, and in turn widen it. It's amazing how slowly 'breaking in' a certain look that once may have made you uncomfortable can really add to and evolve your style. I love to blend current trends with my own personal style, and I love to stand out without looking overly outrageous and remaining classic. And these trousers just tick all of the boxes. These beauties are from Zara, which I must say has been giving me total life so far this season. In the last month, I cannot walk out of there empty handed, and I have had to seriously hold back! They are killing it right now, and despite the hideous customer service and on the whole infuriating shopping experience that always makes me vow to never walk through the doors again, I am repeatedly drawn back in to bring home those styles that bridge the gap between high end and high street so beautifully well.

The whole look is so feminine and sophisticated. The trousers have a tailored look which gives a really elegant and polished feel, but the sexy satin cami (which is from last Summer by the way, but I'll link some similar alternatives below) brings it down to a more casual level. And isn't it fabulous how a detail as simple as a frill hem on the trousers, can instantly make the entire look completely current and totally on trend? If they just ended on a straight hem, they would not have the same effect at all. They make me feel like the actual princess of chic. That is a valid thing to feel by the way. Promise. 

And how perfect that the trousers are cropped? Drawing all the more attention to the absolute #shoegoals that are gracing my feet...

Bless you Aldo. Bless you for creating my DREAM SHOE. That's it- erase anything you had in your mind about me declaring any other pair of shoes my favourite, because these have stolen the title. Never have I ever owned a pair of shoes I love more (obviously I did not just take a sip... of the hot water and lemon infront of me). But for real, where have these shoes been my whole life! Believe me,  I have tried to find the perfect pair of ballerina shoes, but all the ones I've seen have been sort of gimmicky, and don't even get me started on the ribbons actually staying up on the ankle. But Aldo have actually done it. They have created the ultimate wearable, chic ballerina shoe. Everything about it is perfect. The soft, delicate pink suede, the classically feminine round toe, and the comfortable yet still elongating low-block heel. And I don't even have the words for the ribbons. There is literally nothing I would change about this shoe. They are so comfortable to walk around in, and the ribbons actually stay put up on the ankle, which believe me is a rare quality in this kind of shoe. Plus, the ribbons are actually removable, so you essentially get two pairs of shoes in one. The pump is very Chloe-esque, and in my opinion these do not look like they came from the high street. Perfectly feminine, sophisticated yet fun, and extremely flattering as well. I could go on and on and on. These shoes are simply beautiful, and have totally stolen my heart- exactly what the perfect pair of shoes should do to a girl.

Which brings me to the bag. I'm not sure I even have the words. I saw this in the shop window of Aldo and literally stopped in my tracks! I've never seen anything like it! Sadly I cannot seem to find this on the website, but I've seen it in three different Aldo's so I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find it in store. This is the kind of bag that get's my heart racing. I love a nude structured tote that will go with everything, and I love the gold chain. But the flowers. The stunning appliqué flowers STOLE my heart! The whole three dimensional appliqué style seems to be such a trend now and I find it so exciting. The organised chaos of the nude, pink and white flowers with gold studs and occasional diamanté is absolute perfection. Colour palette goals. This is such a statement and eye catching accessory, sparkling up the simplest of outfits. It is so unique and therefore looks more like a higher end piece, and at £55 I think it's an absolute steal. One of those high street gems that you just have to stand back and applaud (internally). Believe me, everyone will want to know where you got this bag; and believe me again, it will crush you a little bit to tell them how easily they can also get their hands on it... a bit like how I feel telling you now. Juuuuuust kidding! Or am I...

And then finally we have the sunglasses. If you know me well you'll know I have a small obsession with Aldo sunglasses, and the moment I saw these I knew they had to be mine! I love everything about these- the sexy cat eye silhouette, the delicate rose gold frame with laser cut detail, and of course the pink iridescent lenses. Look at that reflection! I wish I could wear pink iridescent contact lenses and always look at the world with a pretty pink filter. These sunglasses are so statement and chic, and so so girly, fun and glamorous. I already know I'm going to wear these SO much during Spring and Summer.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Because I always want to be honest and transparent with you, I want to let you know that Aldo sponsored me for two Instagram posts, where I featured all of these products. But I loved them SO much that I just had to write a blog post! So this post isn't sponsored at all and I had no obligation to write it, I just felt that the shoes, bag and sunglasses were so beautiful they deserved so much more than two pictures, so I felt completely compelled to write this! Just wanted to let you know incase you were suspicious as to why this post was so Aldo heavy! Nevertheless, I hope you loved the outfit as much as me! As always, let me know if there's anything you've seen in store or online lately you think I would love!

Lots of love,

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