Saturday, 6 August 2016


Hey everyone, I'm back with another outfit post- I told you it wouldn't be long! And I'm so excited about this post, as I've teamed up with Hollister and put together four gorgeous Summer/Pre-fall outfits to show you, to suit whichever mood you're in- girly, sexy, cool and free. As most of you know, I worked in a Hollister store for three years pre-blogging, so it's so exciting and special to me that I get to work with them on content for my blog now! While I didn't always enjoy dealing with rude customers, I always, always adored Hollister clothes. I could never get over how damn SOFT everything was, and I would spend all day folding something, gradually falling in love with it, and end up buying it at the end of my shift. I pretty much ended up working for free after all the clothes I bought! The brand has changed a lot since I worked there, but still retains and embodies that gorgeous, carefree, "easy breezy" California feeling in their clothes that I just love in Summer. 

So the first outfit is this gorgeous shirt and shorts combo. I can't tell you how obsessed I am with Hollister's white shirts... I think this is my fifth or sixth from over the years! I would always come home and my mum would say "Not ANOTHER one!?" but I just couldn't help it. They are so classic, making an outfit go from bleak to chic with a roll of the sleeves and a tie round the waist. And they fit so, so well; they are cut to the perfect shape. I always roll the sleeves up and tie a knot round the waist as I think it just gives the coolest, most effortlessly stylish look, and it has this slight hint of rebellion, like a cheeky schoolgirl customising her uniform. Smart, stylish, and sexy. 

To pair with the shirt, I got these amazing embroidered denim shorts from Miss Selfridge. I am in LOVE with these. The way they completely hug your waist, bum and thighs is so flattering, and I always gravitate towards high waisted as they are so comfortable yet so stylish at the same time. I love the pale wash of the denim. Years ago I used to hate pale denim, I would always get the darkest blue I could find, but now I can't get enough of this pretty, washed out colour. And finally of course the beautiful rose embroidery, which is SO on trend right now, and such a cool little modern nod to the nineties. Absolutely gorgeous!

The second outfit is this suuuuuuper pretty little ivory lace Hollister playsuit. You just cannot go wrong with this. Lace is always classic, wonderfully feminine and cute. I love the crossover detail on the top half, and the way it pulls in at the waist. And I can't tell you how SOFT this is- it's literally like a blanket. I just love playsuits in Summer, they are so easy just to throw on and you need hardly make any effort at all to look lovely- the playsuit does it ALL for you. Just throw on a cute pair of shoes- I picked up this lovely little pair of pale bluey/grey lace heeled sandals from asos- and you are good to go! If you are going to invest in just one item of clothing, always go for a playsuit.

Now this outfit I think is my favourite. I am NOT a girl that wears denim jeans. I used to live in my black Zara skinny jeans when I used to go to castings, but other than that I've just always associated them with grungy, boring people who can't be bothered to make an effort. You could ask any of my friends, and they would laugh and say "Freddy? Jeans?".  But I have toooooootally changed my mind! I've been so inspired by other bloggers and instagram fashion accounts recently to EXPAND my style, and I've been playing with different tops and shoes, making jeans look super stylish AND still girly. It's so exciting when you fall in love with something you thought you'd never ever wear. And I just ADORE these Hollister boyfriend jeans. First of all, they are just the comfiest things ever to exist. And they just look so casual but stylish- like you don't have a care in the world and are not trying to impress anyone at all but you STILL look great. The pale wash and the neat rips are incredibly on trend, and turning them up at the bottom (a TOTAL original Hollister trend, I mean, did you really work at Hollister if you didn't double cuff your jeans?) gives them a really cute edge. I do they think are harder to pull off than a regular pair of skinnies, but with the right combination, these can look unreal. 

So I paired the jeans with this ADORABLE bardot top from Hollister. This is so so cute, and perfect with the jeans, as it's nice and tight fitting, contrasting the loose fit of the jeans, and really complimenting the waist! It has the super casual and cool ribbed effect, but the bardot neckline gives it that ultimate classic feminine touch, and a little hint of shoulder is so subtly sexy. And of course the beautiful lace trim on the shoulders- the PERFECT detail to really finish the ultimate feminine look- I adore it so, so much. This top would look amazing with literally anything high waisted- jeans, shorts, or a skirt- but I love the way it looks with these particular jeans, as the juxtaposition between the slight tomboyishness (good word there Freddy) of the jeans and the ultra girliness of the top creates such an amazing, stylish, put together casual look. Matched up with a cute little shoulder bag, and some strappy heels, you have the ultimate daytime outfit. 

And finally, I've returned to the fab Miss Selfridge shorts, but this time paired it with this adorable little dusky pink Hollister cami. This is just co cute and casual, and so easy to wear. It has an adorable peplum hem, lace details running along the neckline, and a sweet little bow to tie up at the back. So simple, yet so pretty, and so loose fitting that it really has that gorgeous carefree sunny Cali vibe that Hollister does so well. The pink matches the embroidery of the shorts so well that I had to put them together! And to finish the look I got these super cool Quay Australia sunglasses, and these gorgeous lace up sandals from Asos, as the colour and embroidery detail matches so perfectly and completes the outfit flawlessly! 

I hope you enjoyed the post- I love putting outfits together to show you and hopefully give you some style inspiration and ideas on how to wear certain items of clothing. I know I'm going to be wearing these outfits to death! Remember you can shop the post by clicking on the little pictures of the items below :)

Much love as always!

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Hi everyone, I hope you're all having a lovely Summer so far. The weather here in London has been SO rubbish for the past couple of weeks, I just can't wait to get away on holiday and get a tan! I have to apologise for my absence on my blog; I know I haven't been putting in nearly as much effort as I should, and I'm so upset I missed the last two months Style Diary's. I haven't been fully happy with the layout of my blog, it doesn't really inspire me anymore and leaves me with little motivation. The good news however is, I have TOTALLY redesigned my blog and it's currently being developed and should be finished soon. All will be revealed in the next few weeks, but I really wanted to give my blog a fresh start, as I've been such a fair weather blogger. I'm so happy with the new design, it's really going to inspire me to be active and productive and produce loads of new content, as I really do love writing outfit and beauty posts for you. I just wanted to apologise for the lack of content and reassure you much more is coming soon :)

Anyway, on to this month's style diary! I showed this outfit in my last lookbook on my channel, but I still wanted to write about it as my video is instrumental so I couldn't describe all the things I loved about it- you know how passionate I get talking about the things I love, and I've felt very suppressed indeed! I've been beyond obsessed with this outfit- I've worn it probably far too many time already! Although, is there such a thing as wearing something you love too much? 

Let's begin with this beautiful little lace cami top. I picked this one up in Miss Selfridge about a month ago, and since then I have turned into a lace cami buying monster. There is something so effortlessly chic and sexy about a lace cami- it makes me wonder why I haven't been wearing them every day for my whole life! They literally require hardly any effort or styling at all, and they look so casual and relaxed but still incredibly stylish and sexy. I LOVE the new "lingerie as daywear" trend that's become really popular, and this is a really easy way to embody it. I have been daring to go braless with these tops, as I find even a strapless bra ruins that sleek, slinky look. You just have to hope it doesn't get too cold! ;) Amongst all the lace cami's I've bought, this is my most worn, as the gorgeous bluey/grey colour is so easy to wear and universal- it literally goes with everything! The actual lace detail is super pretty too. Love love love!

These amazing pink belted shorts I also picked up in Miss Selfridge, although I think they may have gone into the sale now. A lovely follower on twitter actually found these and tweeted me the link as she knew I would love them, (that is one of the reasons I just LOVE twitter), and as soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them! They are SO me! I just cannot get enough of high waisted shorts that have that gorgeous tailored look. You honestly just can't go wrong with shorts like these, and whenever I see them in a colour I don't already own, I will always buy them because I just know I will get so much wear out of them. Again, they are just so effortlessly chic, the perfect combination of smart and casual, very classy but also with a young, fun, flair. These particular ones have this really cute detail at the top, where the material looks almost "gathered", and the bow belt is just so feminine and perfect. A bow is pretty much always the way to my heart! And the dusky rose colour is so beautiful, and a really sophisticated way of wearing pink. 

Now for the bag which is another item that has found its way deep, deep into my heart! As you all know, I'm a hugeeeeeee Ted Baker fan. Every single season, their accessories never fail to leave me lusting after them. They have just got it so, so right. Pastel coloured, structured bags, often with a cute little bow detail and always rose gold hardware- it's just a total dream. And this bag has been the perfect Summer accessory! Perfectly matching the cami, this dreamy bluish-grey colour is just so versatile, I've been able to match it with absolutely everything. The stunning, subtly glamorous, rose gold chain strap makes it the perfect "day to night" accessory, and can be tucked away into the bag turning it into a gorgeous clutch. It's so pretty and elegant, and totally completes and outfit giving it a little bit more "sparkle". 

Now, these adorable little sandals from Faith at Asos, have barely left my feet this month. They are so simple and minimal, and yet so many people have noticed them and complimented them! They are a gorgeous pale nude faux suede fabric, (which can get a little dirty so beware!), and the cute little scallop edge detail and ankle strap are so, so on trend, that although they are only simple, they look so stylish. And of course they go with ABSOLUTELY everything, so at £25 they are beyond worth it!

Of course I always keep it simple with accessories, sticking to my Pandora bracelet and Tiffany necklace, although I did find a really gorgeous little bracelet in Accessorize on sale which I've been wearing- totally forgot to get a picture of it but it just reminded me of how damn PRETTY and dainty the jewellery is in Accessorize, and it was nice to add something new to my wrist now and then! And of course I've been wearing my beloved Aldo sunglasses, although they've now sadly broken so I'm on the hunt for some replacements. I'm thinking of maybe treating myself to some Rayban's at Duty Free this Summer, but shhhhh.

Makeup wise, I've been keeping it pretty simple, as the temperature has risen a lot and London is so hot and sticky and heavy makeup will literally melt off my face. For my base I've been loving the L'oreal Cushion foundation, as it is a gorgeous sheer yet buildable coverage which is perfect for this weather, and also has the nicest dewy sheen. For highlight I've been using my Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In a Palette highlighter, for a beautiful champagne glow. And on my lips I cannot stop reaching for the Elizabeth Arden Sunset Kiss Lip Gloss- it has the most stunning rose golden colour, and transforms any lipstick into a work of art, but also looks great on it's own. Fragrance wise, I have been utterly ADDICTED to the Giorgio Armani, Prive Pivoine Suzhou fragrance. It is probably the sexiest "fresh floral" scent I have ever experienced! It captures the beautiful scent of the Japanese Peony, and is incredible bright yet musky and spicy at the same time. Basically, it is indescribably stunning, although it comes at a hefty price tag! And for my hair, is has pretty much stayed in a messy topknot the whole month, as the heat and humidity of the city does not do kind things to my hair! But I really like the effortless, cute look of a messy bun, and it's also nice to not have a sweaty back under a blanket of thick hair!

So that's it for this months Style Diary! I hope you enjoyed it and I pray you can forgive me for my lack of posts. I cannot wait for you to see the new design, and to really get stuck in, although I do have a few posts planned for before that, so keep your eyes peeled and thank you again for all of your lovely comments and support, it means the world as always. 

Lots of love!





Wednesday, 22 June 2016


So it finally feels like Summer may be upon us. Well, we may not be having beautiful sunny days one after the other in England, but I can always feel Summers arrival when I start leaving the house without a coat, sleeping with the window open, and when my skin starts to feel a little more dehydrated than usual. 

I have said before, and always will, that keeping your hydration levels up in warmer weather by drinking lots of water is vital. I drink no less than two litres a day, and I can feel the benefits in my skin. However, sometimes drinking water alone isn't enough. Increased exposure to the sun, changes in temperature and humidity, the polluted city air, and the use of air conditioning units pretty much everywhere I go, contribute to the drying out of my skin, leaving it thirsty for something more.

By introducing hydration boosting products into my daily skincare regime, I manage to keep on top of all the obstacles trying to dry out my skin. I was first introduced to Clinique's Moisture Surge Range back in January this year. As a beauty blogger I sample a tonne of skincare products, but have found myself repeatedly reaching for the following products recently, as I love how instantly refreshed, supple and hydrated my skin feels afterwards. 

I start by applying the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief to my face, neck and d├ęcolletage in the mornings, after I've cleansed. Sometimes I apply it over my regular moisturiser, to add extra hydration and help lock in moisture, or sometimes if I'm in a rush or don't want to use too many products on my face, I'll use it alone. After using this, my skin feels immediately quenched. The gorgeous cream-gel formula is unbelievably lightweight and instantly absorbs into the skin. You know how some products leave your skin feeling heavy and almost sticky? After using this, you can't even tell that you've used any product at all, except of course that the skin is beautifully soft and supple. The formula feels so amazing that applying it actually becomes a little addictive! This is actually an updated version of the original Thirsty Skin Relief, with all the primary benefits, only enhanced to deliver hydration faster and prolong it further. The result leaves me with gorgeously soft, hydrated skin, giving me the perfect base for makeup. Dry skin = patchy foundation and nobody wants that! It's also perfect to pop in your handbag and apply over your face during the day when your skin feels a bit tight- the relief is much the same as drinking a nice, cold glass of water when you're thirsty. Oh and speaking of cold, try popping the cream in the fridge before you use it- you'll never have felt so refreshed!

When I'm out and about in London during the day, my skin often needs a little pick me up. There are many facial sprays out there, but many leave skin feeling sticky and clammy, and lots are just plain water, which give an instant relief from dehydration, but don't penetrate the skin to really retain the moisture. The Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray is essentially a liquid moisturiser in a spray bottle. Unscented and oil-free, the ultra fine mist absorbs super quickly (like, ten seconds!) into the skin with no residue, and doesn't affect makeup at all, so it's the perfect quick fix for on the go when your skin is feeling thirsty. 

For the last couple of months, the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask has had a staple position in my evening skincare routine. I like to cleanse my face very thoroughly to remove all makeup and dirt from the day, which leaves my skin feeling horribly dry and tight. I love smoothing on a generous application of this gorgeous, creamy mask. Is there a nicer feeling than going to bed with beautiful clean, soft skin? And on top of that, actually waking up with clean soft skin? I never wake up with a dry, dehydrated face after using this, as it hydrates so deeply into the skin. Fragrance and oil free, it's amazing how moisturising the product is, whilst still avoiding being heavy or sticky on the skin. I use this every night, to make sure my skin is always plumped and supple (no one wants to be dry and wrinkly!). Hydrating your skin will not only improve it's current condition and appearance, but also help tackle premature ageing, so I always pay a little more attention to massaging areas that are more prone to dryness and therefore wrinkles, such as my forehead.

As young ladies in 2016, we put a lot of strain on our skin, so it's important to replenish the moisture lost in our busy day to day lives. I would absolutely recommend the Clinique Moisture Surge range as a total staple for skin hydration. Remember, it's not only you that needs a drink when you're thirsty- it's your skin too! 


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Saturday, 7 May 2016


Hello my loves, and welcome to April's Style Diary! I'm sorry it's late- May has crept up on me so quickly, but I am just loving how IN to Spring we are and how close we are to Summer! This months chosen outfit has got to be my favourite yet- although I'm pretty sure I say that every time... 

So the weather has been preeeeettyyyyy beaut this month. The sun has finally showed it's gorgeous face, and although there has still been a chill in the air from time to time and we've certainly had our fair share of good old British April showers, it finally feels like we are well and truly leaving Winter behind. I love this time of year. There is such a happiness and excitement in the newly warmer air as the vitamin d soaks into your skin, the days get longer, and you no longer have to worry about piling on the layers so you're not left shivering in the unforgiving cold. This is when it really feels like a new year for me- I'm not one of those who feels motivated by the appearance of January- unless you count feeling motivated to stay in my pyjamas with a hot chocolate watching netflix all day! This is when I really feel inspired to start working harder, eating healthier, being more sociable, ticking all the to-do's off my list, and most of all making the most of each beautiful day. And I just have to mention how bloody stunning London is in the sun. I feel like I complain about it so much and really take this city for granted, and this month has had me stepping back in admiration for this beautiful, special place I get to call home!

As you've probably gathered there's a bit of a Burberry theme going on here. I received this gorgeous scarf from my gorgeous boyfriend this past Christmas. I love it SO much, and it really has become a total staple in my wardrobe that I'm going to be SOOO sad to let go of in Summer- maybe I need to substitute it with one of the lightweight silk summer scarfs?! ;) It is the classic, iconic cashmere Burberry scarf which I've always loved and admired. There is something so timeless about Burberry's classic British heritage style, and the designs, patterns and fabrics are so iconic and universally recognisable as time honoured, elegant, quintessential British fashion. This scarf is the perfect accessory to any outfit, taking it from a two, to a ten out of ten. I've always loved and lusted after these scarves, so naturally I was sooo so happy to receive one for Christmas. But on top of that my sweetheart of a boyfriend got the scarf monogrammed for me with my initials, in none other than my favourite colour, baby pink. Keeping in mind there are nearly forty colours to choose from, a few of them being different shades of pink! And how perfectly does the baby pink blend with the camel brown? He is a boy with taste. 

Moving onto the coat, I also have my boyfriend's good taste to thank, as this is actually his! Whilst a Burberry trench coat is still very much on my wish list, (and once I reach some personal career and financial goals I really hope to be able to treat myself!), it is sadly not in my possession, so he's been kind enough to lend me his. The coat is truly to die for. The honey colour is just perfection and just look at the lining- the way it matches the scarf gives me more fashion satisfaction than I can put into words and yes, I'm aware of how sad that may be! I love how oversized the coat is on me and how I've rolled up the sleeves- I think it actually LOOKS like I'm wearing my boyfriend's coat, which almost adds to my girly, feminine style whilst also breaking it up and making the whole look more relaxed and casual and not over structured or smart. 

I'm dying that we've got this far and haven't even spoken about the dress yet. THE DRESS. I know I say it every time but it really IS one of my favourite things I've ever owned. It is the Palermo dress from Unique 21, a brand I'm only newly familiar with, but this dress fulfils ALL my hopes, dreams, goals and wishes! I'm not over the top at all :) Ok, so you know I feel about blouses, and you know very well how I feel about pleats. Not to mention tight waists with skater skirts and floaty fabrics and generally just the colour white. I swear this dress was made for me- another comment I seem to throw around a lot, you'll get used to it! I just adore the style of this dress, so smart and classy but ultra feminine and also really relaxed too. It's a really unique take on the typical shirt dress, with the gorgeous shirt-esque top half but missing the usual collar, which takes away any masculinity or severity a shirt dress might give. And let's just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous these pleats are! They are so thin and defined and float so beautifully giving the dress the ultimate feminine and relaxed Spring/Summer feel. It's almost like a schoolgirl tennis dress, which is a look I completely die for! When I was younger I used to wear the American Apparel white tennis skirt to absolute death- until it literally fell apart! I have pretty much been just as addicted to this dress. Cute? Check. Classy? Check. I'm beyond in love and it's earned a staple spot in my wardrobe.

I've kept the look really minimal and classic by accessorising only with black. My bag of choice has been my Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Tote bag, which is an old favourite that has been pulled out of hiding for the first time in about a year this month. It's sleek and sophisticated, and I can reply on it to really add to an outfit. I love the shape and the design, it's a classic and incredibly hard wearing as well. 

My shoes are these adorable Chelsea boots from Deichmann. Now many of you may turn your nose up at this brand, as I often do with cheaper shoe brands, but I've been SO amazed by the quality of these boots. I bought these a few years ago, after searching and searching and searching for the perfect pair of boots. You know how fussy I am, and after weighing up style, design and comfort, I found these to be my favourite boots on the high street, but was apprehensive about the £25 price tag for a pair of shoes I planned to wear as every day boots. But they have hardly so much as scuffed. I am in actual awe of how well these boots have maintained themselves. I used to wear these on casting days as a model, which involves a LOT of fast walking around London, and the soles are in perfect condition and the leather (faux) isn't even scratched. Not to mention they  are SO incredibly comfortable when you take the heel height in consideration, and so up there in terms of style. They are really one of the best pairs of shoes I've ever bought, and at a minuscule cost compared to others. 

Finally, I have of course accessorised with my beloved Tiffany & Co sunglasses that I bought in New York last year. They were pretty expensive but so worth it, as I totally adore them and have worn them so much already despite buying them in Winter time! They are the most elegant, stylish black cat eye frames, with the classic Tiffany blue on the inside and dainty little crystal bows on the edges. They are just SO Audrey, classic and beautiful. I bought them from the famous Fifth Avenue 'Breakfast at Tiffany' store and the whole experience was just magical. It's by far the most stunning store I've ever seen, and as I walked out with my little blue bag into the Manhattan sun, all I could hear in my head was the strings of Moon River... I'm getting carried away but I'm so enchanted by Manhattan and it was a real Blair Waldorf moment.   

So to round up of course I need to mention my favourite perfume and lipstick! Perfume of the month has absolutely been Viktor & Rolf's BonBon. It's been one of my absolute favourites for about a year now, but this month I haven't been able to stop wearing it every single day. It is the most beautifully DELICIOUS sweet, divine smell. It's as addictive as sugar, but probably the most refined 'sweet' smell you could ever find. Seriously, just go and smell it. I've also been using the BonBon hair mist, which is amazing as I always spray perfume into my hair because I find that's where the scent lasts the longest, but obviously it isn't great for your hair, so this is the answer to my BonBon prayers!

For lipstick I have been obsessed with one of the Rosie for Autograph lipsticks in the shade Rose Lace. I did a review on Rosie Huntington Whitely's makeup range for M&S, you can read it here, but the lipsticks are so beautiful and incredible quality. They are exactly like the formula of Mac lipsticks, except the packaging is soooo much nicer! Rose Lace is a really gorgeous muted, rosy nude, but it's a lot brighter and bolder than the pinks and nudes I usually wear. As the weathers got nicer I've felt a little more adventurous and whilst this is still quite a tame lip colour for most, for me it's a really nice summery change, and I've been reaching for it every day.

Hope you all had a lovely April! As always you can shop the post either by clicking the links, or the little pictures below :) Let me know you're style inspirations this month or if you've seen anything you think I'll love!
Lots of love,
Freds x


Friday, 1 April 2016


Well hello and HAPPY SPRING! We are officially into my favourite fashion season of the year. While I adore summer, there's something about that feeling you get when the temperature first begins to warm up, and the horrid grey English clouds start to part and the sun finally starts to shine. That feeling when you just about feel brave enough to go bare legs and maybe even ditch the coat- it's exciting! It makes me feel all brand new, and for me it's when it truly starts to feel like a new year. And even better, it's when I can really start to truly express myself through my fashion! Although there are some redeeming qualities to the cold months- capes, cosy jumpers, chelsea boots and tights and cute winter colours- I always feel slightly suppressed during Winter, and it isn't until Spring when I feel really free and can have proper fun with my clothes. 

I bought this incredible dress earlier on in the year, and have been absolutely dying to wear it but haven't had the chance yet, as it's been far too cold to go bare legged, and black tights don't exactly go. But this month we have FINALLY had some decent weather and I've jumped at the chance to wear this every time the sun has come out. Being totally honest? I probably have been a little optimistic about the bare legs, as even though it's been sunny it hasn't always been warm, but I'm honestly so sick of having to match everything with black tights and boots, that dealing with goosebumps and slight shivering has been totally worth it!

So can we just take a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty of this dress I found by some miracle in Miss Selfridge. It was totally sold out online, and I absolutely stalked  it until I finally found it in House of Fraser Oxford Street in my size and I honestly let out a little squeal. You know that moment when there's only one left on the rail, and your heart is racing and you're just praying it's in your size... and it is! Is there any more triumphant a feeling?! And has there ever been a more perfect dress?! You all know how obsessed I am with the Victoriana trend, and I actually can't cope with how gorgeous this is. Just look at all the lace detail, especially the incredible sheer lace sleeves. Not to mention the amazing pintuck detail on the chest, which makes it the ultimate Victoriana dress. And a high neck, which you know is my favourite trend ever, ever, ever. I love how classic and sophisticated the lace and Victoriana style is, but then how cute and sexy it is with the short length and fit and flare style. And then to finish it all off, it has a gorgeous cutout detail at the back, giving it the flirtatious edge it needed to be just the perfect Spring/Summer dress. I can't even explain to you how this dress makes my heart flutter! It was such a great and unique find, and I'm so impressed with Miss Selfridge for creating such a beautiful, designer looking, piece- you do not look at this dress and think High Street at all.

Now for my bag, which is another love of my life. My Michael Kors blossom saffiano tote. I got this at the beginning of last Summer, but it didn't come out to play all that often, as I was so terrified of marking the beautiful baby pink leather. When I saw this bag, it was love at first sight. I'm a fan of Michael Kors bags anyway, I think they are the perfect choice if you want a 'designer/non high street' bag, but don't have the budget for the likes of Chloe or Chanel etc, as they are super stylish and great quality, yet still fairly affordable compared to other designers. I would absolutely say they are worth the money, as they are incredibly durable, especially compared to some other brands I know that sell poor quality bags at similar price points. I have three, a black and a brown which are amazing every day bags, and have lasted me a long time without taking particularly good care of them in the hustle and bustle of a city, and also weighing them down with far too many things, which is really impressive. And of course this one, which is just sooooooo beautiful! When I saw the baby pink with the gold hardware, it wasn't a case of if, but when! It's like the ideal summer handbag, and I'm going to make sure I take it out a lot more this year. Too cute. 

To accessorise I've worn my Pandora rose gold bracelet, which never leaves my wrist. Aside from it having sentimental value, it's my favourite piece of jewellery. I adore the classic, dainty Pandora chain, and the rose gold clasp with the rose gold heart charm adds femininity and a touch of my own style. I love the "mixed metal" with the rose gold and silver together, and it's just so pretty and elegant. I'm also wearing a pearl bracelet, and a little pearl ring- which I have not taken off since I got it because it's so damn pretty- from a brand I just discovered called Ora Pearls, and they have fast become one of my favourite jewellery brands. All of their pieces are so dainty and elegant, and really modernise classic pieces like pearl bracelets and necklaces that are often associated with grandmas! All the pearls are sourced directly from pearl farming communities all around the world, and the jewellery is handmade in London. This ring has been practically glued to my finger, and I am not a ring person at all. It is the tiniest, daintiest, prettiest ring I've ever seen, and instead of making my finger feel short and fat which is the reason I never wear rings, it really elongates my finger and looks so sophisticated and sexy. And the gorgeous little freshwater pearl gives it a girly and unique finish. Paired with the perfect pink manicure, my hands have been totally on point.

On my feet this month have been these total beauties from Kurt Geiger. I love loafers but it can be hard to find really nice ones that strike a good balance between young and classic. These nude patent loafers are the cutest ones I've come across this year! They bring the perfect amount of glamour to the classic style of shoe. I love the little tassels and of course the gold hardware- you can't really see in the photo but the gold bar on the front has the little circles that are on the Cartier love bracelets! They are so classy and go with any Spring/Summer colours! So, so pretty, and once you've broken them in and been through a few blisters, they're pretty comfortable to wear out and about as well. 

For makeup this month I have been sticking to my usual natural, glow routine. I've been adoring the Becca Backlight Filter Primer, it really is incredible and gives your skin the most radiant glow- it's literally like you've melted pearls onto your face! For lipstick I haven't been able to stop using the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick in the new shade 44. These lipsticks are just gorgeous, and this shade is the perfect pinky nude which you know I love! I wrote a full review on the lipsticks, you can read it here. Perfume wise, I've been loving Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I got it for Christmas after wanting it for absolutely ages, and it's so lovely. It's a really light, fresh but sexy fragrance. Youthful sophistication- my favourite :)

I hope you enjoyed this months style diary! Make sure you leave me a comment if you've seen anything you think I'll love, and as always you can shop the post by clicking on the little pictures below. Be sure to follow me on bloglovin to keep up with my blog posts!

Lots of love,
Freds x

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